Hot Cloth Cleansing: A fad or a trust worthy step for ultra clean skin?

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Hot Cloth Cleansing: A fad or a trust worthy step for ultra clean skin?
Hot Cloth Cleansing: A fad or a trust worthy step for ultra clean skin?

You don't need to be entirely tapped into the beauty frenzy to know what a good cleansing session can do for your skin. It's a blessing. Especially when you've stayed out with or without makeup. Do you know even your sunscreen needs to be re-applied in a day? Yes, that one morning spread of the formula doesn't do the cut. So, no matter what product promises to keep your skin protected and glowing, there's no treasure as a cleanser. It's the saviour that can set the foundation for all things nice. 

One rule of the thumb you should never forget is to sleep in with your makeup. It's a skincare crime and your skin will make you pay for it either gradually with pimples caused due to clogged pores. A few can't stand the store-bought makeup removers and choose coconut oil as the ideal cleanser. If you're someone with oily skin, you're calling out for damage. So, go easy and look for an ideal solution like 'hot cloth cleansing'. No, it's not just another cleansing method. You've heard of rice water cleansing, double cleansing and now what does a cloth have to do here, you wonder? 

Most of us do not air dry our face rather we just pick up a towel to keep it dry so we can prep it for step 2 of the skincare routine, toner. So, what sets apart your hot cloth cleansing method from that of a regular AM and PM cleansing? It doesn't offer up exfoliation benefits effortlessly. Meaning, a little makeup or the dirt accumulated due to pollution may just rest stubbornly on your skin. This is when the cloth can play a better picture for you by giving you a thorough cleanse. But, you do not run it directly on your skin. 

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Picking up a hot cloth cleanser is mostly recommended. If you do not have one, take your cleanser and smear it on your skin in circular motions. Now, do not directly rinse it off with tepid water. Grab a muslin cloth or if nothing a mini cotton towel and leave the hot water tap open, and knead off the water. Now, gently remove the cleanser clean with the cloth, this will gently exfoliate (not the same as those scrubs that tear your skin) and remove the deepest of grime that's found its safe spot in your skin. Once done, splash some water to give it the final rinse. 


Tried this skincare trend yet? Let us know in the comments below. 

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