How can the effect of skincare products be maximized explains expert Lalita Arya

Updated on Oct 30, 2020 11:51 AM IST  |  615K
How can the effect of skincare products be maximized explains expert Lalita Arya
How can the effect of skincare products be maximized explains expert Lalita Arya

Your skin needs all the good elements to be healthy and beautiful. Therefore, we tend to use multiple skincare products and wish them to be effective. But do we even question how effective they are on our skin? The skin also needs to be prepared to extract the most effects of the products.

Here are few tips which can help you keep your skin healthy and also absorb the maximum benefits of the product:

1. Exfoliate: exfoliation makes your pores clean and get rid of dead skin. This will later allow the product to set onto the skin. One must know their skin type to figure out how to exfoliate. It will also give your skin a radiant glow. Elimination of dead skin and impurities will automatically let the product do its wonders.

2. Cleansing: the skin is always covered with dirt, oil and bacteria. For any product to do its work the skin must be cleansed first to void more build-up of dirt and bacteria. It also refreshes the skin and gives you a fresh look. Washing/ cleansing also clears out even the minimal build-up on pores on daily basis.

3. Moisturise: locking up the moisture in the skin is very important for maintaining the skin elasticity and texture. If the skin does not have its own hydration the products that we apply won’t be able to do their work properly. Lastly, your skin will become itchy and flaky with time.

4. Sunscreen: As we know, the sun is a good source for vitamin D but also proves to be bad when it comes to UV rays. If your skin is sun damages then there will be ZERO benefits from the products that you use on your skin. UV rays can not only damage the skin externally but also internally.


Although the above steps can themselves keep your skin healthy and beautiful, but there are always alternatives to give it extra care. Remember to take care of the products also that you use on your skin.

1.Store Properly: always remember every product need to be stored at a different temperature.

2. Know the product: before buying or using, check what the product contains. If it is suitable for your skin type or not, does it cure any skin problem that you’re facing, or it can cause any allergies. This will help you to get the maximum benefits of a product.


You must check if you’re applying the product right or not:

1. Be regular: any product will NOT show results in a week or so, you need to be regular to know its actual benefits, try a product for at least 10 to 15 days.

2. Always apply after washing your face: it has two benefits, one, the skin is clean and another that the damp skin is said to be more absorbing.

3. Go in order: Exfoliate-Cleanse- Moisturise- Sunscreen always go with this order.

4. Try Serums: Serums are easy to absorb for the skin, they can do wonders for the skin and also accelerate the effect of other products.

5. Follow the Instructions: read what the pack says, they guide you to use the product the right way.

- Inputs by: Ms Lalita Arya, Vice President-DermaPuritys

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