How to choose the right hair care products to enhance your natural hair type

Find out what hair type you have, and exactly what products would work best for you!

Updated on Jul 14, 2021 05:52 PM IST  |  1.2M
How to choose the right hair care products to enhance your natural hair type
How to choose the right hair care products to enhance your natural hair type
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Every woman dreams of flaunting luscious, shiny and perfect locks. However, our hectic lifestyles, stressful workplaces and polluted environment are only a few of the factors coming in between. Remember, the most beautiful hair you could possibly achieve is your natural hair type, which is right under the damaged exterior, waiting for the right care and nutrition to unleash its true power.

Step 1 – Determine your hair type.

When it comes to choosing the right products, determining your hair type is absolutely essential for knowing which products would work best for your hair. In fact, many of your hair concerns or problems may stem from simply using the wrong products. By knowing your hair type, you can find the proper balance that your hair needs and end your bad hair days for good.

Here are the four factors that can help you determine what type of hair you actually have –

1. Texture. Take a strand of hair, press it in between your index finger and thumb. If you don’t really feel it, you have fine hair – more sensitive to damage and greasiness. If you can somewhat feel the hair, you have medium/normal texture. If the strand can be felt distinctly and is visibly thick, you have coarse hair texture – more prone to frizz and can be unruly frequently.

2. Shape. Your hair can be visibly straight, wavy, curly or coiled. These can depend on various factors, texture being a major one. Curly and wavy hair types are more prone to dryness and frizz, while straight hair is more prone to lack lustre and volume.

3. Porosity. This is the ability of your hair strands to absorb and retain moisture. The easiest way to determine it is to place a strand of your hair into a bowl of water and wait. If it sinks almost immediately, it has high porosity – more damaged due to gaps and tears in the cuticle. If it keeps floating on the surface, you have low porosity hair – cuticle lays flat, so moisture and products are harder to absorb. If the strand stays suspended in the middle, you have medium porosity – the ideal condition for sufficient moisture and product retention.

4. Scalp type. After normally cleansing your hair, let it air dry and do no apply any products. About 2-4 hours later, gently dab a blotting paper or tissue paper to the crown of your head. If it appears the same, you have a dry scalp – more prone to dullness, roughness, dandruff and frizz. If you see oily residue on the paper, you have an oily scalp – more prone to have hair that looks flat and greasy. If you see only a few traces of oil, you have a normal scalp – which means most products will work for you.

Step 2 – Finding the right products.

Now that you know what your hair is like, you should check out the best products that are designed and specially formulated to help you unravel your real hair in its natural form! Please note – regardless of your hair type, stay far away from sulphates, parabens, harsh chemicals and scents.

1. Flawsome Wild Bananas Moisturizing and Smoothening Hair Mask for Frizzy, Curly Hair – Infused with banana extracts and Moroccan argan oil.


₹ 695.00 – Buy Now.

2. Wishcare Premium Cold-Pressed Virgin Grade Castor Oil – Best to boost hair growth, and for thin hair to transform into luscious and voluminous locks.


₹ 195.00 – Buy Now.

3. St. Botanica Pro Keratin and Argan Oil Hair Mask – Intensive deep conditioning for dry, frizzy, damaged and colour treated hair.


₹ 525.00 – Buy Now.

4. Just Peachy 100 percent Vegan Volume Boost Hair Treatment Mask with Olive Oil, Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5 – Perfect for fine and thin hair.


₹ 595.00 – Buy Now.

5. Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Curls Butter Treatment – Ideal for curly and wavy hair to achieve shiny, healthy and bouncy curls naturally!


₹ 1,125.00 – Buy Now.

6. Waymore Onion Blackseed (Kalonji) Oil for Natural Hair Care and Growth – Contains essential vitamins and oils to revive dry scalps and hair, and weak hair that is more prone to breakage and hair fall.


₹ 180.00 – Buy Now.

7. mCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub and Exfoliator – Suitable for all hair types and dandruff control.


₹ 499.00 – Buy Now.

8. Mamaearth Rice Water Shampoo – With keratin and rice water to hydrate and nourish damaged, dry and frizzy hair.


₹ 313.00 – Buy Now.

9. BBlunt Intense Moisture Conditioner with Jojoba and Vitamin E Extracts – Nourishes seriously dry and rebellious hair to make it smoother, well hydrated and more manageable.


₹ 345.00 – Buy Now.

10. Just Peachy KerArgan Leave-in Spray Conditioner with Keratin, Argan Oil and Vitamin E – For dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair.


₹ 495.00 – Buy Now.

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