How to do a neon eyeliner look just like Priyanka Chopra Jonas!

Neon everything is in right now. With the heat climbing up and the onset of the monsoons, here’s a trick you could master for the next time you step out.
How to do a neon eyeliner look just like Priyanka Chopra Jonas!
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When it comes to eye makeup it always seems to be like a daunting task. Smokey eyes are too much blending, glitter eyes cannot be done without the glitter going everywhere and more. We always find an excuse to just do a regular eyeliner and get on with our day. But the neon eyeliner is basically just the same look with a different eyeliner and a starkly different effect. 

But okay, if neon seems like too much, you could basically use these hacks and tricks for ANY kind of a coloured eyeliner look. Why colour, because literally a swipe of anything but black could basically turn your entire look upside down and it looks best with a no-makeup face.

SO here’s a basic HOW TO with some hacks thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

1. Throw the rule book out. Wear any colour; it doesn’t have to match your eye shape, shade or even your complexion or outfit. The world is your oyster. Just pick a shade and draw on your eye. 

2. Start with whatever you are comfortable with, a cobalt blue or a jewel-toned green could do the trick here before you explore with the neons. 

3. Prime your lid but don’t do a base. While you need a smooth surface, just like with every other eyeliner, we might make mistakes or draw it on too thick or thin. Either way, if you want to q-tip away the mess, don’t do a base for your eye makeup. Also, do this before you do the rest of your face. 

4. If you aren’t comfortable with liquid or gel eyeliner, start with a pencil or crayon variant and ease yourself into it. And instead of drawing on the entire line, do smaller strokes and join them together.

5. If you are planning on using a sheer/pastel colour, draw the shape with a nude or white eyeliner pencil before you add the actual colour. This will help the colour pop.

Bonus tip: If you don’t want to do major colours yet, start with diving into your crayon or liquid lip colours. Try pink or red. Or even a different shade of brown. Lip colours can totally double up as eyeliner. 

Once you are confident, you can have the entire rainbow on your eyelid. This is such a simple way to lift up a look and all it takes is one extra colour. 

Anonymous 9 months ago

Neon fits to Priyankas plastic face!

Anonymous 9 months ago

PeeCee.. <3