How to find the perfect nude lipstick according to your skin tone?

You’d think that finding a lipstick with thousands of shade options would be easy. But you are wrong, finding the perfect lipstick is difficult and we are here to help you out. Find out more
How to find the perfect nude lipstick according to your skin tone?How to find the perfect nude lipstick according to your skin tone?
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You can never go wrong with a nude lipstick and there’sno denying that! It can perfectly balance out glamourous smokey eyes or a gorgeous touch to a barely-there makeup look. While the nude lip is surprisingly easy to pull off, it is difficult when you have a shade that is too dark or too light that makes you look washed out. If you go with the same shade of your skin tone it will make it look like you accidentally applied beige foundation all over your lips.

If you are just like us, you’d often find yourself swatching your way to find the perfect lipstick. But, don’t worry if you haven’t found your perfect shade yet, we have a few tips and tricks to help you find it. Check it out


Start by finding your undertone

Every skin has an undertone. Either you have a pink undertone or something warmer. If you are on a darker side, you’d have a slightly reddish or marron undertone. Everything is perfectly fine when you find your undertone. This helps you pick the perfect lipstick later on. You have to find what flatters your complexion. 

Consider the skin tone now

Every skin tone has a colour range. You do not want to look dead when you apply lipstick. If you have a lighter shade, it will make you look washed out and dull. Girls with pale skin should wear a nude that has a hint of pink. Dark skin tones look great with milk and dark chocolate nudes. You can also opt for berry tones to flatter your skin tone.


Factor in your lip colour

If you are in a look for the perfect nude shade that is practically invisible, then the right thing to do is to factor in your original lip shade. You can just enhance it by choosing the right undertone of your lipstick.  Or you could go for a peachy colour that complements Indian skin tones perfectly. This is a great option for people having neutral or warm undertones.

Embrace your original lip texture

While nude lipsticks are there to accentuate the lip colour and give a more flattering effect. It is necessary not to rub the lipstick hard on the lips. This will just build up the pigment on the lips making it look darker. Embrace the fine lines and texture of the lips and gently dab the nude shade over the lips. 


What lip shade do you like - Nude or red? Let us know in the comments section below.


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