How to get rid of dry skin & achieve a natural glow during winters explains Dr Geeta Grewal

Looking for a way to keep your skin glowing this winter? Cosmetic surgeon, Dr Geeta Grewal explain how.
How to get rid of dry skin & achieve a natural glow during winters explains Dr Geeta Grewal
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Winters brings the issue of dry itchy scaly rough red irritated skin. Low in humidity, winter air strips water from the top layer of the skin making our it irritated, dry and weakens the barrier function of the skin. Building a good glowing healthy skin starts with a good diet rich in nuts, seeds, avocados and a whole lot of greens like kale, spinach, Bok Choy. Having said that, topical skincare is imperative. There is no replacement for that. Papaya pulp is a good, gentle hydrating cleanser, you can mix in milk cream or curd to hydrate further. 

If you have excessive dry & irritated skin, learn to layer your hydrating products. Every morning and evening use a hydrating cleanser as a step 1 of regular routine. Apply the first layer of mild hydrating cream or (gel for oily skin). Top it up with vitamin C serum. In the winter season, your skin will love these oils and how they nourish from within. You can use grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin sesame oil and extra virgin avocado oils to keep your skin moisturised. These oils are full of essential fatty acids that nourish the skin. They are loaded with antioxidants which help to optimise skin cells. Oils help to form a protective layer over skin shielding it from the damage of toxins and pollutants. They are also are effective to decrease the UV damage hence are protective from photodamage. The oil shield prevents water loss from skin surface thus locking in the natural skin moisture. Antioxidants in the oil help to decrease inflammation in the skin as well and strengthen the skin barrier. Though natural products are suitable to most skin types few people can be allergic to natural ingredients as well. It’s always wise to do a test patch behind your ear lobe or inner surface of the forearm. 

Get into a habit of using face oils as face pack morning and evening gently massage these oils into the skin with form gentle upward strokes. Coconut meat is loaded with skincare nutrition. Extract milk and use the desiccated coconut meat powder as a gentle scrub which is effective for all skin types. Use this once or twice a week and wash face with lukewarm water. Keep a handy face mist with aloe and rose extract to hydrate skin anytime, even over makeup. Just a few mist microdroplets will lift your skin giving you glow and strengthen the skin barrier. Use extra virgin coconut oil as a body lotion after a shower to hydrate your body skin, remember to use on damp skin to increase the success of effective absorption. 

Keep away from harsh soaps and steamy hot showers they strip your skin from natural oils making the skin irritated and weakens the skin barrier. 

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