How to wash your hair RIGHT in 5 simple steps

Updated on Jul 26, 2021 04:40 PM IST  |  136.3K
How to wash your hair RIGHT in 5 simple steps

Make the good hair days dream a reality with not just the right choice of hairstyling but also with the first and the most crucial step i.e., hair cleansing. If you’re a skincare junkie you’d probably try not to mess up with your skin by following an incorrect routine the same applies to your hair it needs the right attention. From slathering on masks to giving it a deep-rinse, it can make or break the health of your hair. 

It’s important how you tend to its requirements and applying an array of products won’t give you the most enviable tresses. If you’re someone who believes in washing your hair every alternate day, be ready to experience undernourished hair. Cleansing your hair twice or thrice in a week should suffice and also keep a tab on how often your scalp gets greasy so you can get rid of them. Here are simple pre-wash tips: Drench your hair with nourishing oil. You can heat it and use a cotton ball to spread it to your scalp. If oil is a no for you, pick up a mask that suits your hair type or go for a DIY. Coat your strands with a hair mask and massage it well. You can cleanse it off while you suds up. Read to understand whether you’re washing your hair right and make the tweaks if need be. 


1) Get rid of knotted hair

Detangle is vital and do it when your hair is dry. This can help you to run the hair cleansing products easily through your strands and preventing further split-ends. 

2) Give a mini rinse

Before you shampoo your hair, make it an unskippable step to wash your hair and scalp with lukewarm water that will open the cuticles to ensure that products are well-absorbed. 

3) Do not shampoo directly 

Dilute the formula with water to reduce the harshness of the concentrated product and to limit the usage of shampoo. Do not over-shampoo your hair by taking excess quantity. You can also use a scalp massager brush post-application of shampoo for this will help enhance blood circulation. 

4) Lock nourishment with conditioner 

Is your hair super dry and have your hair styling tools to be blamed for? Be wary of applying the conditioner to your scalp. You don’t need to add to the grease, remember your every inch of your strands needs a burst of hydration. Add a little more to the tips of your hair that’s where the extra dryness lies. Wait it out for 15 minutes and wash it all off under cold running water for this can seal the opened pores while it doesn’t let the moisture slip away. 

5) Ditch hair towels 

Filter the extra water out from your hair and opt for a microfiber hair wrap to tie your hair up. Don’t directly for a hair drying tools to extract the water. You can follow up with serum if you feel your hair looks parched. 


Do you wash your hair often? What do you experience? Let us know in the comments below. 

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