15 Hydrating serums that you need for ultimate skin nourishment

Wish to amp up your skin’s radiance just by sitting at home? Here are the top 15 hydrating serums that will serve you with everything that your skin needs to uncover a natural glow.

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15 Hydrating serums that you need for ultimate skin nourishment
15 Hydrating serums that you need for ultimate skin nourishment
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Skincare is the most vital and unmissable routine of daily life. No woman can ever try to skip it. For pampering your skin to the fullest, you need to possess the best skincare essentials. Be it moisturizers or beauty products, they are never enough. On the other hand, hydrating serums are yet another skincare essential that have managed to make its place in the favourite list of the majority of women. Today, we will help you to bring home the most effective hydrating serum. 

Our top picks of hydrating serums

1. Suganda 10% Niacinamide Face Serum- Buy Now

2. Minimalist 10% Vitamin C Face Serum- Buy Now

3. Dot & Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate- Buy Now

4. Deconstruct Hydrating Serum- Buy Now

5. mCaffeine Coffee Hydrating Face Serum- Buy Now

6. biocule Aqua Boost Hydrating Serum- Buy Now

7. Plum Bright Years Cell Renewal Serum- Buy Now

8. Fae Beauty Basic Skinstick Hydrating & Strengthening Serum Stick- Buy Now

9. Olay Luminous Serum- Buy Now

10. O3+ Deep Concerns 3 Hydrating Moisture Serum- Buy Now

In this article 

1. What is a serum?

2. Types of serum

3. Hydrating serums

4. Benefits of hydrating serum 

5. Steps to apply a serum

Hydrating serums offer a plethora of skin benefits. It soothes and nourishes your skin by preventing scars and blemishes. It reduces wrinkles and protects your skin from all sorts of environmental aggregators. It has anti-inflammatory properties that leave your skin just the way you want. They absorb quickly into your skin and hydrate it to the maximum. Say goodbye to dull and damaged skin with the best hydrating serum. 

What is a serum?

Serum has an extremely thin and light formula with plenty of skin benefits. It is a fluid that sinks into every layer of the skin and maximizes the glow. They are concentrated and enriched with active ingredients that boosts collagen production and make your skin plump and supple. 

Types of serum

There are multiple types of serums with a varied range of benefits. According to the skin type, tone, and texture of the skin, each serum delivers what it claims. They ensure that they leave no space for any disappointments. Scroll down and get to know the different types of serums available for purchase. 

A. Brightening serum

B. Clarifying serum

C. Antioxidant serum

D. Hyaluronic serum 

E. Pore minimising serum. 

These are the few types of serums that have managed to grab the attention of all with their capability to treat every skin issue. No matter how hard you vouch to pick the best skin care essentials, you always fall short of them. Today, you have a chance to add one more skincare essential into your skincare regime. Scroll down and check it out.  

Hydrating serums

Can’t keep calm to bring home the power-packed hydrating serum? We have got to you the top 15 hydrating serums that will leave you in awe with its effectiveness.  

1. Suganda 10% Niacinamide Face Serum

If you are looking for a serum to refine your skin texture, then this hydrating serum is what you need in your kitty. It is gentle and soothes the skin beautifully. It helps in evening the skin tone and reduces enlarged skin pores and allows you to flaunt flawless hydrated skin. It has skin loving ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid formulated for every woman who aims to enhance their natural glow. 

Why pick Suganda 10% Niacinamide Face Serum?

This serum has an extremely lightweight texture that gets absorbed by the skin within seconds. It refines pores and intensely hydrates the skin. What’s more? It also helps you in treating acne and stubborn acne marks. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 644

Buy Now

2. Minimalist 10% Vitamin C Face Serum

This serum targets uneven skin tone, dullness, sun damage and environmental stress. It is an effective skin serum that hydrates and brightens your skin. It is suitable for oil, dry, normal, acne prone and combination skin. It is comprehensive, safe and comes with a unique formulation of skin benefitting ingredients.  

Why pick Minimalist 10% Vitamin C Face Serum? 

According to the user study, this face serum improves skin’s radiance within 4 weeks. Vitamin C being the hero ingredient reduces dullness and acts as a natural glow booster. It calms the skin and helps you achieve a calm and transparent beauty. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 664

Buy Now

3. Dot & Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate

This water drenching hydrating serum is infused with Vitamin C and zero nasty chemicals. It moisturises your skin and fights against free radicals. It makes your skin look dewy, glowing and intensely hydrated. 

Why pick Dot & Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate? 

Wish to look youthful? This hydrating serum is all that you need in your skincare regime. It has active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that acts as a hyderator to retain the tissues. Other ingredients like Acai berry and bulgarian rose hold the skin cells together and protect it from external aggressors. 


Price: Rs. 545

Deal: Rs. 463

Buy Now

4. Deconstruct Hydrating Serum

This serum has a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It is an oil-free moisturiser that improves skin’s elasticity, firmness and plumpness. It has one of a kind formula that will do wonders to your skin. This serum reduces oiliness and calms irritated skin. 

Why pick Deconstruct Hydrating Serum? 

With 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, this serum has managed its way to the wishlist of millions. It hydrates your skin perfectly and serves you with desired glow. The price being reasonable, this serum is a must-have skincare essential. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 524

Buy Now

5. mCaffeine Coffee Hydrating Face Serum 

This coffee enriched face serum will leave your skin soft and supple. In addition to coffee, this serum is also infused with caffeine, Vitamin E, white lily water and hyaluronic acid. It is light on the skin and rich in antioxidants. It is infused with skin nurturing ingredients and hydrating formula that nourishes your skin deeply. 

Why pick mCaffeine Coffee Hydrating Face Serum?

A pea sized amount of serum will tone your skin, protect it from environmental pollutants and hyderate it to the fullest. It delivers what it claims and leaves your skin soft, smooth, moisturised and supple. 


Price: Rs. 645

Deal: Rs. 578

Buy Now

6. biocule Aqua Boost Hydrating Serum

This aqua boost hydrating serum will improve your skin’s elasticity and flexibility. It enhances skin’s elasticity and density with the amalgamation of powerful ingredients. It has a light water gel formula that works on multiple layers of skin to target dryness and retain moisture.

Why pick biocule Aqua Boost Hydrating Serum? 

This serum is alcohol free, sulphate free and contains no artificial fragrance. It is also suitable for all skin types. With 4.8 stars on Amazon, this serum has managed to make its place in the good books of men and women both. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 549

Buy Now

7. Plum Bright Years Cell Renewal Serum

This ultra hydrating serum is all that you need to restore the glory of your skin. It has an anti aging formula, that is quick absorbing and makes your skin feel and look good. It is crafted for women who wish to keep their skin taut and free from sun damage. In order to quench the thirst of your skin, this serum will be your great pick. 

Why pick Plum Bright Years Cell Renewal Serum? 

This serum also maintains the hydration levels of your skin so your skin doesn’t feel dry, dehydrated and dull. It also has the power to smooth your wrinkles and make your skin flawless. With 4.1 out of 5 stars rating, this serum is one of the best serums especially crafted for your skin. 


Price: Rs. 1,575

Deal: Rs. 1,417

Buy Now

8. Fae Beauty Basic Skinstick Hydrating & Strengthening Serum Stick

This serum stick has a roll on formula and a cooling effect. It has the ability to fight against redness, inflammation, acne-flare ups, under-the-skin bumps and dryness. It helps your skin to seal moisture with its non-sticky formula. 

Why pick Fae Beauty Basic Skinstick Hydrating & Strengthening Serum Stick?

This serum is made up of vegan and cruelty free formula that serves you with a natural finish. It is a perfect serum that can be your skin’s everyday companion. It is formulated with ingredients that will suit every skin type. You may use this roll on after cleansing and toning and seal your skin with everything that your skin needs to stay hydrated throughout the day. 


Price: Rs. 650

Deal: Rs. 583

Buy Now

9. Olay Luminous Serum

This serum is a hydrating essence that leaves your skin glowing, dewy and radiant. It has skin benefitting ingredients such as Vitamin B3, glycerin and sepitonic. If you wish to reduce the appearance of dark spots and bid adieu to dullness, then this serum is meant to be yours. 

Why pick Olay Luminous Serum?

This serum is ideal for those who possess oily, combination, normal and dry skin. The serum retains moisture and boosts skin cells turnover. It improves skin’s hydration and light reflection on the skin. With 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this serum leaves no place for disappointments. 


Price: Rs. 1,699

Deal: Rs. 1,279

Buy Now

10. O3+ Deep Concerns 3 Hydrating Moisture Serum

This hydrating serum refines skin tone and restores brightness. It smoothes wrinkles, reduces fine lines and firms the skin seamlessly. It is a serum that lightens, brightens and whitens your skin just the way you want. 

Why pick O3+ Deep Concerns 3 Hydrating Moisture Serum? 

This serum prevents damage caused by pollution and makes sure that your skin feels the goodness inside out. In addition to hydration, the serum also corrects multiple signs of aging. 


Price: Rs. 740

Deal: Rs. 621

Buy Now

11. CeraVe Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

This serum helps to restore and maintain skin’s natural barrier and moisture. It aids to smoothen the skin and restore natural radiance. It is crafted for those who possess normal and dry skin. 

Why pick CeraVe Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum?

This serum is paraben and fragrance free. It is a game changer that works like magic on the skin. If you wish to keep your skin highly radiant then this serum should be in your skincare regime at the earliest.  


Price: Rs. 3,799

Deal: Rs. 2,150

Buy Now

12. Fixderma Age Reverse Serum

This serum intensely hydrates your skin and serves you with long lasting effects. It has skin plumping benefits and is non-irritant. It is not only an hydrating serum but also a collagen boosting serum that you need in your everyday life. 

Why pick Fixderma Age Reverse Serum?

This serum controls fine lines and wrinkles. It helps revitalise and plump the skin and give you a glowy skin. What’s more? It instantly nourishes each layer of skin and moisturises the skin. 


Price: Rs. 1050

Deal: Rs. 820

Buy Now

13. NutriGlow Advanced Organics Vitamin C Serum For Face

This is an all in one serum. It world well as an anti aging, hydrating and brightening serum. It makes your skin soft and supple. It purifies and detoxifies skin. It removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation. Believe us or not,this serum will make its space in your favourite list. 

Why pick NutriGlow Advanced Organics Vitamin C Serum For Face? 

The natural ingredients of the serum soothes skin and removes blemishes. It also keeps wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Nevertheless, this hydrating serum is budget friendly and delivers what it claims. 


Price: Rs. 700

Deal: Rs. 559

Buy Now

14. CONCOCTED 2% Hyaluronic Acid Face & Under-Eye Serum

This serum is an extremely hydrating and moisturising serum that also reduces under eye puffiness. It helps in reducing the appearance of fine pores and tightens them for clear and glowing skin. 

Why pick CONCOCTED 2% Hyaluronic Acid Face & Under-Eye Serum?

Especially suitable for extremely dry skin, since it is a water based product and leaves no oiliness or stickiness. Two drops per application give you hours of soft, supple and hydrated skin.


Price: Rs. 1,099

Deal: Rs. 699

Buy Now

15. RAS LUXURY OILS Revival Rejuvenating Night Face Elixir Serum

We are sure that you will love this serum as it relieves fatigued skin. It also reduces pigmentation, nourishes and heals dry skin. It has the goodness of avocado and other flower extracts to help you to experience a refreshing feeling. 

Why pick RAS LUXURY OILS Revival Rejuvenating Night Face Elixir Serum? 

The dropper of the face oil dispenser is fixed at 0.5 ml to provide you with maximum convenience while using this serum. It improves skin tones and texture. It also rejuvenates damaged skin. 


Price: Rs. 1,050

Deal: Rs. 997

Buy Now

Hydrating serums have plenty of skin benefits. It not only moisturises your skin but serves your skin with everything that it needs. Right from hydration, skin tightening, improving skin texture and quality, it has the ability to treat them all. Invest in the best moisturising serum and drool over its benefits like never imagined. 

Benefits of hydrating serum

The benefits of hydrating serum are as follows: 

1. Leave your skin soft and supple 

2. Hydrates and moisturises your skin 

3. Reduces blemishes and scars 

4. Brightens your skin

5. Improves skin texture and quality 

6. Removes dark spots

7. Soothes sensitive skin

8. Improves the appearance of the skin

9. Shrinks enlarged pores

10. Fights free radicals

These are the top 10 benefits of serums that you must experience immediately after cleansing your face. Hydrating serums offer so much more to human skin that you yourself cannot stop drooling over your own beauty. Do you wish to know how to apply a serum? We have jotted down the steps, roll your eyes below and ace your skincare regime like a pro. 

Steps to apply a serum

Following a right skincare method is vital for pampering the skin in the correct and highly beneficial way. Any confusion in the application method or in the order of using the skincare products might cause adverse efforts on the skin. So here we are to help you help the steps to apply a serum. 

1. Cleanse your face. 

2. Tone it with a toner. 

3. Pump 3 to 4 drops of serum on your palm. 

4. Apply dots over your face. 

5. Massage in upward circular motion until fully absorbed. 

6. Follow up with a moisturiser or a sunscreen for better results. 

Hydrating serums are the most important skincare essentials that have managed to fit in the kitty of millions of women. If you don't own one, get the best hydrating serum home today itself. 


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1. Can I use a hydrating serum at night?
Yes. You can use a serum in the day as well as night time. It offers the skin with necessary nutrients and ensures that your skin locks in the appropriate amount of moisture to keep dull and dry skin at bay.

2. How to apply serum?
After cleaning and toning your face you should apply a serum. According to the lightweight and thin texture, it is meant to be applied by cotton pads or simply by fingertips. Massage your skin in a circular motion for utmost benefits.

3. What are the types of serums?
There are multiple types of serums that are crafted according to the needs and necessities of women. There are Vitamin C serums, hyaluronic serums, niacinamide serums, brightening serums, antioxidant serums, hydrating serums and clarifying serums.

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