If you're doing the following in the shower, you're ruining your skin

Read along and find out the silly mistakes you do while in the shower which can tremendously damage your skin.
beauty,Beauty,skincare,shower,mistakes to avoidIf you're doing the following in the shower, you're ruining your skin
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You pop into the shower to get your body clean. Goal achieved, right? But did you know that the silly mistakes you do in the shower can damage your skin? Like really, how wrong can you go in the shower, right? Well, you can. How proper layering of products and sticking to a good skin routine helps you to avoid mistakes while in the shower and you can see a miraculous change. Intrigued? Read on to find out the most common mistakes you need to avoid in the shower for cleaner and softer skin.

Not washing in the right order

Being part of the race that is life, most of us optimise and multitask these days. Even in the shower, when you're running late, do you tend to leave the conditioner in your hair (so it can work some magic) and go ahead with washing your body? Well, I used to, until I learned that it could be the reason you get pimples on your chest, body or back, as when you wash out the conditioner, it leaves a film on your skin that can block your pores.

Another tip? Use your shower gel only in the places where your skin is oily because your arms and legs have much less oil to spare, using soap here regularly can make your skin drier.

Not using a face mask in the shower

This is news! Did you know that the best time to do your face mask is not in the shower when your pores are open from the warmth of the water? Which means that all the nourishment and hydration masks will be able to soak into your pores more easily. For a quick nourishing and moisturising DIY, apply a thin sticky layer of organic honey over your skin for 5 minutes while you shower. It works like magic!

Shaving at the beginning of your shower

Hair removal can be a total pain at times. One mistake we all should avoid is shaving right at the beginning while in the shower. The key to silky soft skin which will last is to wait until the end of your shower about ten minutes in. By this time, your hair will be softened and your pores will have opened, making it much easier to get a closer, smoother shave.

Not moisturising after the shower

Instead of aggressively rubbing the towel over your body, try gently patting it. This will only take off the moisture and dry your skin out. Right after you're out of the shower (within 3-5 mins), moisturise. It is the best time to rehydrate your skin so that you can trap any excess water on the surface of your skin without it evaporating.

Controlling the heat

There is no better feeling than soaking yourself under a super warm shower. But hot water will eventually dry your skin out as it strips your skin of their natural oils and dehydrates it, making it feel dry and itchy; it can even lead to rashes. The drier your skin is, the more likely you are to get rashes, as it’s easier for bacteria to penetrate the cracks in your skin. The ideal time to spend in the shower is 10-15 mins.

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