Indian skin tones find it difficult to choose the right foundation shade; Here are EASY tips to do it right

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 10:39 AM IST  |  225.5K
Indian skin tones find it difficult to choose the right foundation shade; Here are EASY tips to do it right

Skin tone or complexions are divided into three categories - light, medium and dark. This division is based on skin pigmentation. Indians in a broader sense have a medium skin tone, in the global context. It is possible that skin tone can temporarily change due to external factors such as sun tanning and other weather conditions. 

Every skin has an undertone. Unlike the skin tone, it does not change. Indian skin undertones range from cool, warm to neutral undertones. Identify your undertone:

Cool: People who have a cool undertone, their veins look purple or blue. 

Warm: People who have a warm undertone have green or olive coloured veins

Neutral: If you cannot determine which colour is dominant in your veins then you have a neutral undertone.

After identifying your undertone choosing the right foundation shade or colour strength is important, which may vary from light to medium to deep shade. You can choose transition shades for your skin tone that vary from light to medium or medium to deep. 

Here are some tips to pick the right one that will suit your skin tone best:

1. Identify your perfect shade by swatch method, which you can try on your neck or your jawline. It is ok if it is a shade lighter than your skin tone. If you cannot differentiate between your real skin and the colour of the product, it is your perfect match. It is smart to apply the shade before buying on a small part of your face and leave it on for some time. It helps to check for oxidation because of incorrect shade selection. 

2. Your undertones are important in the process of selecting your shade. For warm undertones, select a colour that has yellow undertones, while for cool undertones, a pink undertone works best. 

3. While selecting your foundation shade, think about what kind of makeup you regularly prefer. If you like light makeup then a full coverage foundation will feel heavy. 

4. Adjusting your foundations to the season is important. A matte foundation would be preferable in summer to avoid sweating. 

This guide is to help you know what you do when buying your products. Save your money and make the right choice that makes you feel great and also one that works perfectly well in your makeup routine. It is ideal to do so for the best results.

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