Janhvi Kapoor to Kiara Advani: 4 Bollywood divas who are OBSESSED with neutral makeup right now

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Janhvi Kapoor to Kiara Advani: 4 Bollywood divas who are OBSESSED with neutral makeup right now

Just like fashionable outfits are important when it comes to looking your best, makeup also plays an important role. From going all out with OTT looks to keep things subtle with a glowy base, makeup does help in elevating a look and we’ve had enough examples of this in the past. Whether it’s picking out a graphic liner for the red carpet or colourful eyes for promotional events, makeup has the power or making or breaking a look. 

Recently, celebs are keeping things under wraps and confining themselves to neutral shades. This does not mean that glamour has taken a back seat. Everything from copper highlights to neutral shadows, Bollywood celebs are obsessing over the neutral makeup look and boy do they look stunning. So, here is a list of 5 celebrities whose neutral makeup game will inspire you to recreate their looks for the next date night. 

Kiara Advani

Like we’ve already mentioned, sticking to neutral shades does not mean it can’t be glamorous. Take cues from Kiara Advani to add that extra bit of definition to your eyes. Hints of metallics and a perfectly contoured face will elevate your look like no other! 

Sara Ali Khan 

Next on our list is Sara Ali Khan and her makeup is definitely one of our favourites. Used to accentuate her natural features, a perfectly blended eye shadow can add that definition without actually taking away a lot from the outfit. Afterall you need makeup to enhance your features and not to change it completely, right? 

Janhvi Kapoor

Another big fan of neutral makeup is Janhvi Kapoor who time and again manages to add that extra bit of dramatic flare with her excessive smudged kajal. While she lets her eyes do the talking, we love the fact that she keeps her eyebrow and the rest of the look raw to balance out the drama. 

Ananya Panday

While most of these looks focus more on the eyes, Ananya Panday shows us how to keep things simple with an overall bronzed glow. Now, bronzer is a great way to add colour to a pale face but it only works when you do it right. You also need to frame your face with filled-in brows that will elevate the look in minutes. 

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