Kangana Ranaut to Katrina Kaif, Taapsee Pannu: Easy & classic hairstyles every curly haired girl can recreate

If you are a curly-haired girl, you know the struggles of maintaining the mane and styling it in the right way! Check out these easy hairstyle ideas that will help you out
Easy curly hair hairstyles by Katrina Kaif, Taapsee Pannu & Kangana Ranaut that you can recreate Curly hairstyle ideas that are easy and classic
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Every girl with a curly mane can relate that no two days are the same when it comes to how their hair looks. Some days the curly mane can get as good as it gets and on some, it’s a frizz ball that is unmanageable to a whole new extent. So, to keep you covered on both your good and bad hair days, we have a list of easy yet classic hairstyles that can match most of the outfits in your closet. 

Let’s start the list with good hair days! If you have curly hair, you know they come every once in a while and makes your day go from better to the best! These are the days when you have to let your mane be the centre of attraction. Let those curls down and make the most of your day!

Now, coming to day 2 when your hair feels much calmer and the frizz is still in control, you can use protective hairstyles that require no heat. Embrace the curly mane and you can opt for braids that do the talking. Instead of going all out just yet, opt for a half-up half-down hairstyle that keeps both you and your hair happy. 

Each season works in a different way when it comes to your hair. When it’s extremely hot, keeping them open is a big no-no. This is when you have to get creative. A braid is one of the easiest hairstyles to create. You can either flatten the mane out or let a few tendrils frame your face!

Going classic is the easiest way to keep your mane safe and healthy from the weather changes. When you know that the atmosphere is getting extremely humid and hot, you need to put it in a bun! Gajras or fresh flowers of any kind are a great hair accessory!

Talking about hair accessories, you can always opt for headbands and scarves to keep it all in place. We know for a fact that curly mane comes with a volume of its own and if you can embrace the mess that it is, half your job is done!

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