Kaolin Clay: A miracle exfoliator and a blessing for oily skin

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Kaolin Clay: A miracle exfoliator and a blessing for oily skin

here are certain things we humans cannot live without, just the way our skin cannot without a deep exfoliation. If excess sebum and dry skin seem to bother you time and again, your skin is trying to send a message to you. Clays are the best you can consider keeping your skin feeling healthy and smooth. Made with essential elements like calcium, potassium, and others, this muddy agent is quite the marvel none of us knew we needed today. Getting exposed to pollutants remains something that cannot be staved off but a good mask can target and treat. 

Kaolin clay is an excellent addition to your weekly masking regimen. It is a soft powder that comes in a variety of colors and has been used in the beauty industry for makeup, hair, and teeth cleansers. There are numerous advantages to using this clay, which is especially beneficial for people with oily skin because it absorbs all of the gunk, leaving your skin with a matte-like texture while the glow stays. 

For your skin to be in its best behaviour, say free of grime and blackheads, use this mask as a scrub and team it with 2 tbsp organic aloe vera gel.  This will help to unclog clogged pores and give your skin time to breathe while it glows. When your pores become clogged, you are aware of the obvious problem that this can cause. Kaolin clay, with its anti-inflammatory properties, may help soothe rashes. Remember not to use this clay every day, and if you have extremely dry skin, use a small amount as it will dry your skin up in less than a minute and gently scrub it into your skin.


Do you use clay masks? Tell us about your favourite clay mask in the comments below. 

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