Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals the secret behind her flawless beauty and it is surprisingly affordable

The gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals her beauty secrets.
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The super gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the few actresses who is gifted with flawless radiating skin. Apart from her talented genes, Kareena is also one of the most stunning looking actresses of all time.

The stunning actress recently shared her beauty regime with a popular magazine, she said, “I am not too much into buying expensive creams or doing too much for my skin. For me, it is all about my diet, drinking lots of water and I always wash my face with lukewarm water. Most importantly, I am blessed with good skin because my mother has great skin."

Well, it is quite a relief to know that we don't have to break the bank to et flawless skin lie Kareena.

Kareena will next be seen in her much-awaited release, Veere Di Wedding, along with Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Shikha Talsania and Sumeet Vyas.

Recently when she was asked about what is next in Bollywood for the stunning diva, Kareena revealed, "I still have a song left to shoot for Veere Di Wedding. I am constantly shooting advertisements and also reading scripts. But, I don't think it should be expected of me to shoot a lot so soon after my delivery. I started Veere Di Wedding nine months after Taimur's (Ali Khan) birth and it is almost unheard of in Bollywood. I think people should be patient with me because I do not have the bandwidth to work so hard so soon. I would like to spend some time with my son, get things sorted, and take my time to figure out what I want to do and sort my head out." The movie is slated to release on May 18, 2018.

While I go wash my face with lukewarm water, hoping to get radiant skin like Kareena Kapoor Khan, you guys comment below and let us know what you think of her tips!



Why should she take care of her son? Saif can do it as he doesn't have as much of a career as she does anyway.

Question was what is your beauty regime? And she answered: "I am blessed with good skin" LOL yet again another self-praising self-obsessed reply!

"I am constantly shooting advertisements and also reading scripts." Yea right more like going to gym and partying 24/7 no offers and yet not taking care of son

Then why does your favorite has skin lightening treatments in New York?

Keep saying that to yourself and may be you'll start believing it. Also please ask your favorite to stop applying tons of white foundation every time she steps out

Surgery takes time to heal. She was back from London within 3 days. Ask your favorite why it took her 1 month in New York to heal from her cheek implants and botox

She only has fair skin, nothing else.

That summarizes Kareena completely. Lol

3 days in London doesn't do the trick but 1 month in New York does. Ask your favorite

LOL, these actresses always give these common-sense, no-brainer beauty tips. I am not sure why this has made the headlines. When women get into their 30s they are more active in getting aggressive treatments such as microderm abrasion, microneedling, chemical peels, use of Retin-A...etc etc. And Kareena Ji and any other actress will never admit to where they get those treatments done, nor how often, nor what brand. It largely depends upon facial features. You can attain great skin and you can copy the makeup of these actors...but you won't look like them ...because everyone's features are different.

It's 100% true,it's her gorgeous genes.I'm glad she didn't BS like other stars -"Oh I use blah blah product".

Sorry to say, where in this article does she describe her regime? Please title it appropriately.

blah blah blah blah

Its all genetics people!!! Her entire family has beautiful glowing skin. No amount of water is gonna turn our skin into Kareena's LOL.


Says the woman who has had liposuction done in the past. LOL

Superficial Bebo.

Me me me me. Going to London for surgeries and pulling cheeks in all the time was missed in her details above. Not to forget the PR strategy of leaking pictures daily from gym, inside home, from Switzerland vacations and family gatherings to keep her relevant.

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