Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle sport the SAME hairstyle on video; Here's how to achieve it 

The Royals have just made the half-up bun the go-to hairstyle. Try it out!
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle sport the SAME hairstyle on video; Here's how to achieve it 
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Now that everybody is practicing self-isolation during lockdown, on most days all girls hair is tied up in a messy top-knot on top of their head. Today, there are even memes about this! The literal bed-head look has become the norm today, even for zoom meetings now that everybody is exhausted. But that's obviously not how it works in the royal family. 
For their appearances via their zoom calls, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle opted for the same hairstyle -  the half-up blowout ponytail. While Meghan did her hair with a centre-parting, Kate swept her hair back and styled the rest of her locks into voluminous curls. 

The hairstyle is easy to achieve, relatively simple and perfect for when you want to create the illusion of how put-together you are! It is also perfect for lockdown as this hairstyle ensures you look stylish but also makes sure you don't keep touching your face to brush your hair back.

How to achieve the half-up blow out ponytail:
- If you are going for Meghan's centre-parted do, just blow dry your hair without much thought. 
For Kate's hairstyle, blowdry your hair upwards and with a large barrel brush, to create more volume. 
- For Meghan's look, part your hair in the centre and pull it back. Secure it at the back with a scrunchy and bobby pins. 
For Kate's look, once you are done giving your hair enough volume, pull it back without any parting and secure with a scrunchy and bobby pins. 
- For Meghan's look just brush through the rest of the hair to ensure there are no flyaways. 
For Kate's look, put your hair into curlers to create voluminous barrel curls. If this is too much of a hassle, use your large barrel brush and blowdryer - twist sections of hair around the brush and blowdry for 30 seconds before taking it off. 
- Finish it off with a texturising spray to ensure your hair is held together well. 

Are you going to try out this hairstyle for your next zoom call? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Anonymous 11 months ago

Kate looks so old.

Anonymous 11 months ago

They should drop the style; unattractive...

Anonymous 11 months ago

Both are gold diggers! One is going to stay quiet about her husband's affair so she can be a queen one day. Other one is going to grab all the offers she can while she's relavant

Anonymous 11 months ago

Karishma Kapoor had aced this hairstyle and look many years ago , nothing new