Keep your hands soft and smooth this winter with this hand care routine

Updated on Nov 10, 2021 01:15 PM IST  |  147.7K
Keep your hands soft and smooth this winter with this hand care routine
Keep your hands soft and smooth this winter with this hand care routine


Have you ever struggled with dry and peeling skin on your hands everytime it gets a little too cold? While rough, dry hands are absolutely dreadful. Your hands are one of the most used body parts and need to be taken care of. In recent times our hands are more exposed to a considerable amount of cleansing with soap, hand wash and sanitiser

Hence, it is even more important to have a hand care routine. In the absence of a hand care routine, it can lead to concerns such as dry skin, peeling and cracked skin due to friction and let’s face it, no one likes rough hands. Here are a few products that will help you maintain an easy hand care routine and ensure that your hands remain soft and smooth throughout winter. 



Washing our hands has become even more important now. But constant washing can make the hands extremely dry. Hence, make sure to wash your hands with a gentle, hydrating anti-bacterial handwash or cleanser rather than harsh, drying soaps. In addition to the usual cleansing of hands during the day, ensure that you also wash your hands whenever you touch dusty items or unclean surfaces to avoid any skin allergies or reactions.


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Our palms and soles have the thickest epidermal layer. This makes it essential to exfoliate your hands to give way to fresher, softer skin and improve the rate at which old dead skin cells are replaced by new ones. Exfoliate your hands about twice a week with a gentle yet effective body scrub. 


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SPF = Saviour 

We usually wear sunscreen on our face and body, but we often forget our hands. Even if you apply sunscreen, you may wash it off later. The solution is to touch up your sunscreen if you’re washing your hands and, just like your face, avoid directly exposing your hands to the sunlight.


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Since sanitisers have become a part of our daily routine now, constantly moisturising your hands is an essential. Make sure you moisturise right after sanitising or washing your hands to rebalance the moisture levels that can be reduced by alcohol-based sanitisers and harsh soaps. Keep a hand cream or a hand balm handy with you wherever you go and keep moisturising your hands every chance you get. 



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