Kendall Jenner talks about her battle with acne, faces BACKLASH

The American supermodel is the new face of Proactiv. Post her campaign, she faced a backlash from fans and followers for her dramatic story.
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On the weekend, Kris Jenner made an announcement about her daughter Kendall Jenner on her Instagram. She hyped up the post on her Instagram and framed her daughter as a profile of courage. 
In her post, she raved about how "brave and vulnerable" Kendall was to share her story and create a positive impact for so many people. She also said she was proud of her ability to "help foster a positive dialogue" and work as a testament to the "incredible woman" she has become. 



Fans of the supermodel waited impatiently for a bold confession from the model and made speculations about whether she was coming out of the closet, had been abused or was launching a charity. But when the news dropped, fans were aghast! 




Welcome to the family dahling! @KendallJenner is the new face of Proactiv  #weloveyoukendall #kendalldoesproactiv

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Jenner revealed that she was the new face of Proactiv and had been battling acne! And what made it worse was the company's press release. The brand's vice president spoke about how he felt Kendall's story was "unbelievably compelling and real". Charles Ressler went on to explain that Jenner's skin transformation is staggering and that she did the campaign with her "genuine heart". 

The brand also welcomed Jenner with an Instagram post and called her the new face of Proactiv. In the video, Kendall talks about how she was targeted by internet, trolled for her acne and how she eventually overcame the battle and gained confidence in her own skin.

But Kendall is not the first celebrity to come out and talk about facing skin problems.

Numerous celebrities like Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Justin Bieber and Jessica Simpson have also spoken about it and been associated with the brand. 

What are your thoughts on her new campaign? Comment below and let us know. 


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I thought it wss zeenat amans pic before i clicked :/

Making a mountain out of molehill! If she calls this a struggle then she’s still sleeping..

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