Kick off Monday blues with 3 easy skincare steps that will make you feel refreshed in minutes

Feeling lazy and lethargic? Here are 3 easy skincare steps that will make you feel refreshed.
Kick off Monday blues with 3 easy skincare steps that will make you feel refreshed
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Mondays are particularly difficult especially when you spend most of your Sunday sleeping in bed and realise you've got to work again in just a few hours. Monday blues are the real thing but there's nothing a relaxing skincare session cannot solve. All you need to do is feel good to take the week on with a bang and a small self-care session will help you achieve just that! Here are 3 easy steps to wake you and your skin up from the dull and drowsy Monday blues. 

Ice baby ice

Here's a little pre red carpet secret you didn't know about! If you wake up looking puffy and have a meeting at 10, all you need to do is rub some ice on your face. If the puffiness is not something that'll go down with ice, you can take a bowl full of it and dunk your face in ice water. This will instantly wake you up and bring back the lost glow. Not just that, the cold ice hitting your face will also give you a rush and make you feel a little more energised. 

Massage all the way! 

Facial massage is another good way to wake up right! It not only results in lymphatic drainage but it also helps in sculpting your face. It's an easy and effective way to indulge in the much-needed self-care session before you dive yourself into work! 

Hydrate your skin! 

Another great way to look and feel good is to hydrate your skin while you're caffeinating yourself on a Monday morning. Monday's are particularly difficult so you need to give yourself a dose of self-care before you enter the week. All you need to do is take some cold milk and mix it with a pinch of turmeric. Add a teaspoon of honey to the mix and apply it on your face using a cotton ball. This will hydrate and moisturise your skin while Turmeric will give you a healthy glow to take on the week. 

What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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