Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez: Hollywood divas who rocked platinum blonde hair with TOTAL ease

If you're looking to change your hairdo and go for a bleached blonde look, let these celebrities inspire you! Take a look at how they aced the platinum blonde hairdo.
Kim Kardashian, Taylor & Selena Gomez with platinum blonde hair Kim, Taylor & Selena with platinum blonde hair
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Now that we're all back at home, locked inside, the itch to try something new is back. Chopping our locks to get bangs, a pixie-style hairdo and more is something we picked up last year. For yet another change this year around, consider going blonde!
While strawberry blonde is a more preferred hue, a lot of celebrities have picked the edgier blonde look and gone platinum blonde instead. Wondering how easy it is to pull it off? Let these celebrities convince you!

Kim Kardashian
Always open to experimenting, the beauty and makeup mogul who is known for her dark black locks, has experimented with going blonde multiple times. We love the time when she dyed her hair platinum blonde and also cut her locks short. This hairdo framed her face well and gave her a fresh new look.

Taylor Swift
Known for her strawberry, soft blonde locks, Taylor Swift left fans and followers awestruck when she debuted platinum blonde hair at the MET Gala with an edgy snakeskin outfit. Giving her look a punk/rock twist, she also went with a deep plum lipstick to make jaws drop.

Selena Gomez
While she does play around with her looks, Selena dyed her hair platinum blonde not once but twice! Both times, the diva's shoulder-length hair wasn't dyed from her roots and showed a little of her natural hair colour.

Miley Cyrus
From her Hanna Montana days, we knew that Miley could pull of blonde as well as brunette locks. While strawberry or dirty blonde has always been her go-to when she wanted something new, Miley proved that she could even pull off platinum blonde hair as well as a pixie haircut with absolute ease when she released her album Bangerz.

Katy Perry
A fan of switching u her hair colour from black to shades of blues, greens and even reds, Katy Perry has managed to stick to blonde hair for a while now. She even chopped off her hair, went for a pixie hairdo and has since let her locks grow out but still stuck to the platinum blonde look.

Kylie Jenner
Known for switching up her hairstyle regularly, Kylie Jenner also experimented with the blonde hairdo. In 2016, the Kylie Skin owner revealed that it took an entire day for her to transform her locks by dyeing them beach blonde, rather than opting for a wig which she otherwise usually does.

Anne Hathaway
Not known for her experimental choices, Anne Hathaway made a drastic change to her appearance when she cut her long brunette locks into a pixie haircut and dyed her hair platinum blonde for the MET Gala back in 2013. We haven't seen her come back to the look since, but it's safe to say she pulled it off exceptionally well!

Billie Eilish
Not a stranger to bold hair colours, Billie Eilish debuted new platinum locks after taking home her Grammy earlier this year. She said goodbye to her neon and black experimental look and tried her hand at platinum blonde hair with a messy and shaggier hairdo.

Which Hollywood starlet's platinum blonde hair are you most impressed by? Comment below and let us know.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Emilia Clarke?!!! The real deserving one???!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Taylor , Selena and Billie always goals .>>

Anonymous 2 months ago

Selena should stick to brunette hair... this colour washes her out

Anonymous 2 months ago

She looks marvelous with both!!! She can do what she wants with her hair. Love you Selena!

Anonymous 2 months ago