Kim Kardashian West gets honest about her strict diet; laughs off joke on how she 'removed ribs' for figure

Talking about her Met Gala dress which accentuated her tiny waist, Kim reveals how she manages to keep slim.
kim kardashian,Beauty,kim kardashian dietKim Kardashian West gets honest about her strict diet; laughs off joke on how she 'removed ribs' for figure
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Kim Kardashian West's body has always been under scrutiny. She has been subject to numerous rumours surrounding her perfect hourglass figure. Rumours of her getting surgery, starving herself, etc. have done the rounds. The latest rumour that did rounds was that the beauty mogul got her rubs removed to maintain her curvaceous body! But the mother of four put the rumour to rest in an Instagram video taken by her friend. 

"Please explain how this is possible," her friend and founder of a cosmetic company, Anastasia Soare asked. She raved over Kim's figure and jokingly asked if she got her ribs removed! "Did you remove your ribs?" she asked Mrs. West who then went on to reveal that sticking to a plant-based diet helped. "I think that honestly being a vegan now helps. It does look really small today," she commented about her waist after examining herself. 

Back in April, Kim posted on her Instagram about how she was changing up her diet. "I am eating all plant based when I am home," she told her fans. 


Kim came under direct media scrutiny after she sported the Mugler dress at the MET Gala earlier this year. She went on to explain that she has "never felt pain like that in my life," because the custom made corset was so tight so much so that her stomach and back were covered with indentations fo the corset by the end of the night!

At the end of the day, Kim revealed that she works out and eats right, like everybody else, to achieve the body that she has right now. Clearly her vegan diet is helping!

What are your thoughts? Are you going to go vegan to get a Kim-like figure as well? Comment below and let us know. 

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