Large open pores causing skin disasters? Here's how to get rid of them for smooth and supple skin

Open pores increase the release of sweat and oil on the skin, making the face greasy and sticky. Here's how to deal with this common skin problem.
Beauty,open pores,beauty remedy,skin remedy,large poresLarge open pores causing skin disasters? Here's how to get rid of them for smooth and supple skin
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Pores are small openings on the skin that release sweat and oil from the body. Things like acne, sun damage and bad makeup can make these pores look larger than they really are. While you can't change the size of these pores, you can manage the secretion amount and do various things to minimise their appearance on your face. Here are all the ways in which you can deal with large pores:

Cleanse your face well 

The best way to get rid of oversized pores, is to cleanse your face at least once everyday. The cleansers help get rid of the excess oil, sweat and dirt without removing the moisture and dehydrating your skin. For those who have oily skin, it is best that they use gen-based cleansers while those with normal to dry skin can stick to cream-based cleansers. 

Cleansers which contain scrubbing agents or soap can make the pores look bigger, so it is best they be avoided. 

Exfoliate your skin

Dermatologists suggest that it is best to exfoliate skin twice a week to help get rid of dead cells, get rid of the excess oil and dirt from the pores. 

Moisturise your skin

Many people with oily skin believe that moisturiser should be skipped because it makes skin more oily, when instead  it only increases the oilyness of the skin. Moisturising products are ones that actually help in helping your natural sebum penetrate deeper which not only reduces the oilyness but also helps in conditioning the skin. 

Basically, without moisturiser, your skin ends up producing more oil. 

Watch the makeup products you use

The products you use, create a large impact on your skin. It is best to alternate between products that contain astringents, to using cleansing facial scrubs to using oil-based masks to help your skin glow and grow well in its natural state. 

Use deep cleansing clay masks

Using an intense clay mask once a week does wonders for the skin. It penetrates deep into your pores to cleanse them and make them seem fresh as ever, clean and smaller. But ensure that you leave a few days between exfoliation of skin and using a clay mask, as it could irritate the skin and end up producing more sebum. 

Apply sunscreen everyday

It goes without saying that sunscreen should be applied on a daily basis to protect the skin from the harsh UV rays and even protect your skin from wrinkles. Now sunscreens are even present in foundations and makeup products, which makes it simpler to apply!

Take off makeup before heading to bed

Letting makeup remain on your skin when you are sleeping, clogs your pores like nothing else. The cosmetic products combine with the dirt and oil on your skin and ends up making your pores look bigger than ever. No matter how tired you are, it is important to take the makeup off before you sleep. 

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