Let’s go NATURAL with these skin care regimes

Replace and rejuvenate!
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Maintaining a skin-care routine is an absolute essential for everybody. Most of us use products packed with artificial ingredients and chemicals. Basically, think about it this way, skin-care products with undesired ingredients and chemicals are like junk food. It is tasty and quick in curbing hunger but does not offer you with the nutrients your body needs. At the same time, natural skin care  options are like healthy veggies which always make us cringe at first but offers all the good things your body craves for.

But some of us need them both! So, let me just break it down to you. It is important to take a respite from your processed/ artificial skin care products and indulge in an all natural routine for a while. Here are some quick skin-care regimes for you to try which are super inexpensive and easy while you are on the go-all-natural phase.




Sea salt

Oil (Olive or almond)



  • Mix equal parts of these and make a natural scrub.

  • Scrub it on to you face gently. 

This will leave you skin looking supple and clean taking out all the impurities.

Face Cleanser



1 tsp honey

1 tbsp coconut oil



  • In a bowl, mix the two ingredients together.

  • Rub on face

It has antimicrobial qualities, and it cleans your face and fights acne without stripping your skin of natural oils. Also, coconut oil is one of the best natural make-up remover (tried and tested). Put the two together and they're an unstoppable cleansing team.

Just keep in mind that this might leave your skin a little greasy but you can take care of this by following it up with a toner.






1 bag of chamomile tea



  • Soak a bag of chamomile tea in a cup of hot water for 15-20 minutes, or until it's cooled down.

  • Take a cotton pad, soak it in the tea, and wipe it on the skin.

This is the easiest. No measuring or mixing involved! Toners usually take off that excess grime and make-up that the cleanser didn't catch, and chamomile DIY toner leaves the skin squeaky clean and is gentle and calming as it gets.



Face Mask



3 tbsp honey

2 tbsp oat flour



  • Mix the concoction together.

  • Apply it evenly across your face, let it sit for 15 minutes, and wash it off.


I'd give this concoction a solid A. The oat flour helped to exfoliate my face while the honey kept it moisturised, and your face will glow!



Body Scrub



2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp sugar



  • Mix the two ingredients together.

  • Scrub across your body, let it sit, and then wash it off.

Using a body scrub two times a week is a must to get rid of all that dead skin and dirt. This natural scrub will leave your skin smooth and moisturised.



Body Moisturiser



Coconut oil or aloe vera



  • Take it straight from the jar — or scoop out the aloe from the plant — and slather it on.

Coconut oil is a serious multitasker and moisturises like no other. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is good but a little sticky and requires re-application often.


Incorporate some of these recipes into your skin-care routine, you will see the changes and the good things these DIY at-home products have to offer.



Which one of these are you trying this weekend? Do you have alternate options to any of these natural products?


Comment below and let us know.

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