Love Eggs? Use THESE face packs to achieve a glowing healthy skin

Tired of going to the same old salon and applying usual skin cream? Then try these egg face masks at home. The egg face masks will help you get rid of blemishes, fine lines and acne marks.
Love Eggs? Use THESE face packs to achieve a glowing healthy skin Love Eggs? Use THESE face packs to achieve a glowing healthy skin
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Are you bored of using the same face creams and going to the same salon? Do you want to experiment with your skin and achieve a better looking radiant skin? If yes, then you have to homemade face packs right now. Home-made face packs and masks are the best way to boost the health of your skin. They are not only cheaper but much better when it comes to their results.


When we talk about homemade packs, there multiple options in our kitchen which we can use to make a good face pack, and one such option is the egg. Yes, eggs which are high in protein and is known as a staple breakfast food across the world. We all love to eat different types of egg, but how about applying it on your face now? The egg makes for an excellent home-made face mask/pack. Eggs prove miraculous in improving our skin tone, texture and in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.


These are the egg packs that you can make at home


Egg white face pack:


Egg white face pack helps in improving blood circulation and in skin tightening. Clean your face well. Take the egg and separate the yellow yolk from it. Now, apply egg white directly on your face using a cotton ball. Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash your face with normal water. 


Egg white face pack with multani mitti:


This face pack is great for oily skin people. It helps control oil secretion to a great extent and keeps all skin problems, related to oily skin at bay. Take an egg white and add some multani mitti to it. Mix it well till you get a good consistency. Apply it on the face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash your face thoroughly with normal water. 


Egg face pack with milk and carrots:


This pack works well for all skin types and is a great home remedy for anti-aging. Take some egg whites, one grated carrot and some milk. Mix the grated carrot with the egg and the milk. Apply it on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with normal water. 


Egg pack for dry skin:


If you use this pack at least twice a week,  it will prove beneficial in providing moisture to dry skin. Take an egg yolk, one tbsp of honey and mix both of them. Apply it on the face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash off thoroughly with plain water. 


Egg packs for wrinkles:


Apply egg white to a cleansed face and let it dry completely. Let it dry completely and rinse it thoroughly with water after 10 minutes. If used daily, this face mask will show great improvement on fine lines and wrinkles.

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