Beauty Products: Here are some makeup and skincare products you don't need in your vanity

Updated on Nov 26, 2019 08:27 PM IST  |  1.4M
Beauty Products: Here are some makeup and skincare products you don't need in your vanity
Beauty Products: Here are some makeup and skincare products you don't need in your vanity

We girls love our makeup and beauty products. It's fun to just walk into a beauty store and shop to your heart's content but are you really buying things you need? Sometimes, we just buy makeup and beauty products that we don’t really need. Some of these products are simply overrated and overpriced as well. These products can be replaced by much cheaper and natural products. In fact, there some products that we just don't need. Our skin can do without these products and these products are just a way for big commercial companies to earn more money.

Here are the products you can skip out of when you go makeup and beauty shopping the next time and save a few bucks.

1. Make-up remover


It’s an expensive product that helps you make a hole in your own pocket while you remove makeup. For years, we all have been removing makeup using face wash and water. There are things like olive oil and cleansing milk that you can use to remove makeup instead of making a bad investment like this.

2. Primer


A primer is used to smoothen the skin before the foundation is applied to ensure that the foundation doesn’t look cakey. It’s not really a necessary product. You can simply use a good quality moisturiser instead.

3. Stretch marks cream


No cream can actually remove stretch marks other than the ones prescribed by a dermatologist. Those creams that you buy after watching ads may not be an actual solution to your problem. Use a normal moisturiser instead and it may do the job just fine or see a dermatologist.

4. Toner


A toner doesn’t not close your pores or clean dirt. That’s the job for your cleanser/face wash. It’s a waste of money to spend on something like that. You can also clean your face using wet wipes or a wet cloth instead of using a toner. 

5. Hand cream


You do not need any sort of body-part specific cream. Your skin simply needs a moisturiser and a body part specific moisturiser does not really do anything special or different. A regular moisturiser or body lotion can do the job just the same.

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