Love Meghan Markle's hair? THIS is how you can get it, according to her hairstylist

The Duchess of Sussex not only has an enviable sense of style but stunning locks as well! Here's how you can achieve her look!
Love Meghan Markle's hair? THIS is how you can get it, according to her hairstylist
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Wavy hair has been the stand-out and go-to hairstyle for not only runway shows but also for celebrities and A-listers who grace red carpet events. They are even a common hairstyle at shows like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Miu Miu and other runway shows. The soft and attractive form of styling the hair helps in framing the face and making one look more youthful. 

This form of hair style is a favourite of Ducess of Sussex Meghan Markle. her hairstylist, George Northwood gives his insight and lessons on how to achieve her exact hairstyle. 

For best results, the length of the hair should be long enough for it to be wrapped around a curling tong twice. This will depend on how big or small the tongs are. The shorter the hair, the smaller the tongs required. "The best wavy hair results from shorter length bob-hairsyles," and then move on to longer hair. 

For best results, he advises one to work with the natural hair texture for the best results. The natural hair makes for an excellent base for tonging the hair and giving it the extra volume it needs. 

To get wavy hair just like Meghan, the cut and style of the hair needs to be flowy and less structured. Think a deep u-cut or even layers will flow well and create a hairstyle that looks effortless. 

This ideally goes without saying, but before styling, the hairstylist suggests that you start styling with clean just-washed hair. 

Once you have curled your hair adequately with the tongs, spray in some volumnising spray followed by hairspray on the waves, so they remain and hold their shape. 

Northwood suggests that for best results, wrap your hair around a tong and once it has been adequately curled, instead of un-curling your hair, just pull the tong out so it makes for a well-rounded look. 



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