Love Perfumes? Here's how you should apply perfumes the right way

Wearing a good perfume adds more to your personality. But if you don't spray the perfume right, it doesn't last longer. Hence, follow the below mentioned steps to master the art of spraying the perfume.
Love Perfumes? Here's how you should apply perfumes the right wayLove Perfumes? Here's how you should apply perfumes the right way
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All of us love to apply perfumes since they not only make us smell good,  but they keep us fresh and make us feel good all day long. A good perfume can be a turn on for many, while no perfume can be a big turn off. Especially when you go for a date or lunches, smelling good is essential. Sometimes, your smell can reveal a lot about your personality. So, buying the right perfume and smelling good is the key to making that first impression. 


If you love applying perfumes and are good at choosing the right perfume, then you should also know how to wear the perfume right. Yes, there are ways to apply perfume, and not many are aware of it. So if you are someone who doesn't know how to apply perfume the right away,  then read below to find out the art of applying perfume. 


Moisturise your skin:


As surreal as it might sound, but the truth is that perfume lasts longer on oily skin. So it is essential to apply a good moisturiser before applying the perfume. Moisturizing with your perfume’s matching lotion is better since layered scents last longer.


Know where to spray:


To make your perfume last longer, focus on your pulse points. Spray the fragrance on areas, such as your wrists, behind your ears, the sides of your neck, behind your knees and your elbows. Don't rub the perfume after spraying it on these areas. 


Spray some on your hair:


You should never spray perfume directly onto your hair, because its alcohol content will make your hair dry, but you can spray some on your brush. Spray some on your brush, and then run the brush through your hair. 


Now, since you know how to apply the perfume, here's how you should make your perfume work harder. 


Carry your perfume:


Carry a small bottle of perfume in your bag. But store them in a zip lock bag in your purse. It is the quickest way to touch-up your fragrance when you need to. 


Spray at the right time:


The ideal time apply perfume is right after taking a shower and before getting ready to leave the house. The moisture on your skin helps lock in the scent. 


Walk in the mist:


When you don't want to smell too strong then spray your perfume in the air and walk into the mist. It helps the fragrance distribute evenly across your body, leaving you with a subtle hint of scent.


So, ladies, it’s time to apply some perfume now! Tag your friends in the comment section below so that they too can master the art of applying the perfume.

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