Love putting on makeup? Don't forget THESE prepping tips before you apply makeup

Before you pile on some makeup on your face, don't forget to prepare your skin for what is to come. A skin prepping routine is essential for your skincare.
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We love our makeup kits and there's nothing more amazing than putting on makeup that makes you feel more confident and powerful. It feels too good to not do it! We love makeup shopping and picking all those awesome makeup and beauty products to make us look prettier. We have a makeup routine in place and our daily makeup hacks and all those awesome things but we often forget the importance of preparing our skin for the makeup.

It's essential to care for our skin before we lather it up with the foundation and all our makeup products. Flawless skin is essential for flawless makeup and that's why you need to prep your skin. You cannot highlight your features with makeup if you don't prep your skin. Prepping your skin is an essential step one for makeup application. Now, many of us mistake it for simply using a moisturiser and a primer but that's not all that prepping is about.


Here are some essential tips to prep your skin for makeup.

1. The most important thing to do before you open that bottle of foundation is to cleanse your skin. Use a mild cleanser or face wash as per your skin type to cleanse your face and remove the dirt and impurities. You don't want your foundation to get mixed up with dirt clog your pores.

2. After cleaning your face use a scrub to exfoliate it. It's important to remove the dead skin cells from your face in order to bring out your clean smooth skin underneath. Using a scrub also prevents a major skincare mistake and saves you from a makeup and beauty disaster.

3. Don't skip the toner. Most people skip this important step. A toner soothes your skin and keeps it from getting oily and sticky. Just soak a cotton pad in a little bit of toner and apply it all over your face. It makes your skin feel refreshed and removes any remaining dirt or impurities.

4. After your toner dries, hydrate your skin with some moisturising. Use a mattifying moisturiser if you have oily skin or go for a regular moisturising cream if you have a regular or dry skin. Never apply any makeup product without moisturising your skin.

5. Don't forget to moisturise your lips. Use a lip balm or a lip primer to hydrate and nourish your lips before you apply lipstick.

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