Makeup decode: Khushi Kapoor made us save a spot for pinks in our hearts and it's your time to try this look

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Makeup decode: Khushi Kapoor made us save a spot for pinks in our hearts and it's your time to try this look

No matter what the weather is outside, with Khushi Kapoor's makeup looks constantly popping up on your feed, you're bound to feel the heat at all times. If you’re all game to be re-united with your makeup arsenal, we’re happy to cheer you up by leading the way with an eye-soothing look which the Gen Z girl donned recently while she complimented it with her red and white sporty outfit. A little pink and gloss can take you a long, long way that won’t make you forget your favourite winged eyeliner looks. 

We hope you’re as excited us to know the many things you’ve forgotten you owned in your beauty kit, and this time around, we’ll celebrate the joy of creating an alluring canvas and the one that will get you ready in less than 15 minutes. Follow these tips and usher in the pink glam!

1. Cleanse your face to free it from makeup residue, gunk, and excess oil. 
2. Use a toner and slap on a moisturizer that suits your skin type. 
3. Pick up a concealer that works well on skin tone and apply it with your ring finger to seal dark circles and pigmentation. 
4. Dab on a matte foundation and use a beauty blender that’s soaked in water to spread it evenly leaving no room for creases or blemishes to peep out. 
5. Grab a spoolie to groom your eyebrows with an eyebrow gel and fill it in with a brown/ black pencil (black falls into a heavier and bright side). 
6. Tightline your upper eyelids with black kohl and remember do not touch both the inner corners of your eyes. 
7. Swipe eyeshadow primer onto your lids and use a brush to colour up your eyelids in brick pink eyeshadow. Blend it well and remember less is more. 
8. Use the same hack to run the shade below both your lower lash lines. 
9. Waterproof mascara can be used to add life to your lashes making them pop. 
10. Pinks are love and prove it by dusting blush on your cheeks using a brush. 
11. Follow up with a highlighter by sweeping it on your cheekbones. 
12. Hydrate your lips with a lip balm and apply pink lipstick. 
13. Use gloss to lend a sparkly touch to your pout. 

14.  With a fluffy brush, lock the makeup with translucent powder.


Would you take makeup inspiration from Khushi Kapoor? Let us know in the comments below. 

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