Makeup Hacks: 5 Things you should do before putting on a bright lipstick to help it stay longer

Make your lipstick look good and last longer with 5 these easy steps. Check it out
Makeup Hacks: 5 Things you should do before putting on a bright lipstick to help it stay longer
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Lipsticks are one of the easiest makeup products to use in order to amp up your look. A bright pout is always a winner when you pair it up withe the right outfit. I mean, it’s just not a red carpet favourite for no reason, right? As much as bright lipsticks help to amp up your look, if not done right, it also ends up making you look shabby or even worse. So, instead of trying and failing, here are 5 easy things to do before applying a bright lipstick and while you’re at it, we also have a few tips to make it last longer. 

1. Exfoliate

Please don’t be like those people who have crusty and flakey lips. Accentuating the dryness using a bright lipstick is a dumb move. Make sure to exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dryness. You can use a simple mixture of sugar and honey to keep your lips smooth and hydrated. 

2. Moisturising is the key

Once you have gotten rid of the flakiness, it’s time to bring back the lost moisture. Using petroleum jelly, a lip mask or just a normal lip balm would help keep the lips moisturised. If you’re in the mood for taking things to the next level, you can even use a plumping lip mask to bring out your natural pout. 

3. Prep the pout

Now, before applying any bright lipstick, it is important to make sure that your lipstick colour stands out. To do that, you need to apply a foundation or concealer to hide the natural colour and let the lip hue shine. Just use the leftover base product on your brush and dab it on and around your lips. This will ensure that you have a perfect base for your lipstick. 

4. Lip Pencil

Just how applying a base before makeup is important, a lip liner is of the utmost importance when applying a bright lipstick. Start by lining your natural lip and if you’re in the mood for a bigger pout, gently outline the lip. Make sure you do not go overboard with the outlining, we all know how that ends. While doing that, make sure to pick the right shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone. 

5. Make it stay longer

Now that you’ve taken so much effort, you might as well make sure that the lipstick stays, right? Now, to do that, just grab a tissue paper and gently keep it on your freshly applied lipstick. Take a brush and pack it with translucent powder and apply it on your lips through the tissue. You’ll see how easily it gives you a matte effect while also staying put for long. 

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