Makeup Hacks: Tightlining for bigger eyes; 3 Tips to do it like a PRO

Tightlining is a technique that almost every makeup expert and beauty guru swears by, to make the eyes pop and give the illusion of bigger eyes. Here's how to master the technique like a pro.
Makeup Hacks: Tightlining for bigger eyes; 3 Tips to do it like a PRO
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Using the eyeliner to line the upper waterline to enhance the eyes and create an illusion of wider and fuller eyes, is a technique known as tightlining. This trick makes the roots of the lashes look darker and denser and the lashes fuller and thicker even without mascara. This trick is even popularly called 'invisible eyeliner'! 
Master the art of tightlining your eyes with these easy steps that will make eyes pop! 

All about the roots 
Tightlining gives most attention to the roots of the eyelashes. Pick out a heavily pigmented eyeliner for best results and run it as close to the roots of your lashes as you can. 
Pick out either a pencil or gel eyeliner and steer clear of liquid eyeliners for this method. It is best to choose a shade closest to your hair colour for a more natural look. 

Look after your lashes 
Tightlining causes excess strain on your lashes and can even cause them to fall out. After taking off your makeup, ensure you apply some castor oil or lash serum on your lashes to help maintain their health. 

Use waterproof products only 
For a long-lasting and no-smudge look, it is best to use only waterproof products. The eyes tend to get watery with the slightest of dust causing the liner to smudge, if not waterproof. 
After you tightline your eyes, don't forget to use a curler to give your lashes a boost and top them off with mascara! 

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