Makeup: Here's how you can apply lipstick perfectly

Updated on Sep 08, 2019 04:46 PM IST  |  2.4M
Makeup: Here's how you can apply lipstick perfectly
Makeup: Here's how you can apply lipstick perfectly

Lipstick is one accessory and makeup item that can never go out of style. Be it a sunny day, or gloomy weather, everything looks bright and right if you have your favourite lipstick on. Wearing a chic outfit, but don't have accessories to pair with it? Don't worry a good lipstick will do that for you. When it comes to lipstick there's no age limit for donning a perfect lipstick. But people, at times, tend to go a bit overboard with their lipstick, which looks odd on their lips. 


Having said that, applying lipstick is an art, and not everyone knows how to apply lipstick properly. If you love lipstick but are struggling to master the art of applying lipstick, then follow these tips to achieve those perfect lips. 


Prep your lips:



First and foremost, prepping your lip is the key. Before applying lipstick, always hydrate your lips with lip balm. It not only nourishes your lips but makes them soft and healthy-looking. Applying a lip balm or a lip primer will make the colour stay on longer and prevent it from bleeding. 


Apply a base:



Applying a base is not only essential for your face but is also essential for your lips. Applying a lip concealer before applying the lipstick will not only help you with the discolouration and uneven lip tone, but it will help your lipstick last longer. So, choose a concealer shade that matches your lip colour and dab a little on with a flat brush or a small fluffy brush. Apply some compact over this to seal the base. 


Lip liner:



Before applying your favourite lipstick, it's very important to define the shape of your lips. And that can be done by using a good lip liner. A lip liner will not only define and reshape your lips but will also help you achieve a more defined, accurate and polished look. Choose the lip liner which matches the lipstick you decide to wear.


Apply Lipstick:



Once you are through with the above-mentioned steps, choose your lipstick, and apply it evenly all over lips. Don’t miss out the inner corners. And ensure you apply it within the corners of your lined lips.


Add shine and volume:



Last but not least, use a small concealer brush and work on your edges to correct the shape of your lips. And if you want to give your lips that pouty look, you can add a hint of lip gloss.


So girls, now since you know how to apply lipstick perfectly, apply your favourite shade and spill some sass in style.