Makeup for men? Chanel's got you covered

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In this generation of millennials, things move at a fast pace. New beauty trends are emerging and changing every minute. The international makeup brand Chanel, already having captured the hearts of women all over the world with their exquisite and classy range of makeup products, decided to take it a step further by launching its first ever makeup line specially designed for men. Yes! You heard it right. Cool isn’t it.?  Makeup gurus like Manny Mua and Jeffree Star have time and again proved that makeup is not only for women but something that can be enjoyed my men too and Chanel has rightly helped in reinforcing that attitude. 

The makeup line is called Boy de Chanel and consists of three basic products: A sheer tinted foundation for oh-so-flawless skin. It comes in eight shades that are sheer and infused with hyaluronic acid also comes with an SPF of 25. Brow pencils which will be available in four shades because even men need their eyebrows to be on fleek! To add on to the list of essentials: the most basic yet most important is a matte lip balm to keep the lips hydrated and moisturized. 

The products are packaged in an elegant matte black bottle.  The collection has already been launched in South Korea with the face of the campaign being the gorgeous south Korean actor Lee- Don wook (we are officially drooling). The collection will be available internationally on the official Chanel website and boutiques between November and January. 

Here's a peek of the collection, courtesy @ellekorea


So we urge you to hurry and get your hands on this exclusive line.

Comment below and let us know what you think of this makeup collection.

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Please go back to your cave!
Do you even realise there might be people (irrespective of gender) who need makeup to cover up over injury/ burn or whatever marks. And even if they use it to look better, its their right. Who are we to judge!

Another attack on being a man. Femanizing men is not a good idea. Pinkvilla should not promote things like that.

so cute

so cute

Yay Lee Dong-Wook !!!

I was shocked to see Lee Don wook in an indian entertainment blog... men's makeup is not something new in South Korea ....

whats on his eyelids?

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