Top 10 makeup myths and facts that you should know in 2022

Check out the list of the top 10 makeup myths and facts to nurture your makeup knowledge!

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makeup myths and facts in 2022
Here are the top 10 makeup myths and facts that you need to know in 2022!

Makeup is as subjective as it can get. What may be right for me might sound cuckoo to you! Despite what proceeded, there are some things that we should all agree upon unanimously. Please continue reading to find out ten makeup myths that I have debunked. Furthermore, you can find a list of the top 10 interesting and fun facts about makeup that you should know.

10 Makeup Myths Debunked!

#1 Myth: You don't need to apply moisturizer if you have oily skin.

Moisturizer application

Truth: To learn the truth, one must understand the difference between hydration and oil. The natural oil that the skin secretes is called sebum. Sebum is the body's way of moisturizing the skin however, we do need that extra regulation as less or more sebum can lead to skin problems.

Now, let's understand why you need a moisturizer and what it does. 

Moisturizers don't add hydration to your skin. They help retain the water on the outer layer of your skin. This is achieved with the help of two kinds of ingredients.

a) Humectants: That draw moisture from the surrounding to the outer layer of your skin.

b) Emollients: That form a protective layer and bar the water from escaping.

If you are from the oily skin family, choose a water/gel-based moisturizer. If you are from the dry skin family, then a cream-based moisturizer is the best type. The best time to moisturize is at night- time, of course. 

#2 Myth: Makeup can clog your pores and cause acne

Truth: Make-up can cause acne but, only if you go hours and hours without removing it or if you let it sit on your face even while you sleep. A fresh face of makeup can never cause acne unless you are allergic to those specific products. Another thing to be paid attention to is the hygiene of your makeup brushes. 

Many might contradict this thought, as we all know somebody who dreads makeup and has struggled with clogged pores all their lives.

In that case, it's important to understand that makeup does sit on the top of your skin. It's very important to choose the right products that suit your skin type. Make-up labeled as non-comedogenic is ideal for people with extremely oily skin.

#3 Myth: Makeup products do not expire

Truth: Everything comes with an expiry date and makeup products are no exception. 

I had no idea that this was a myth and a pretty common one until I started researching for this article. 

You see, the moment you open a makeup product, it starts breathing and it will stop breathing, flip the product to find out when. I don't know what led people to believe otherwise. 

#4 Myth: Sunscreen is not necessary if you are wearing makeup

Truth: Sunscreen is always necessary, always. Dermatologists have been so clear about this, especially in the last few years. If you go online and type “is sunscreen necessary?”, what you will find will surprise you. Most of them say, Nah! not really! While on Instagram and other websites you will find people promoting sunscreens aggressively. So, where does the truth lie?

Well, there is no second guessing when it comes to buying sunscreens. Sunscreens are very important and please don't let myths deter you. Now, having said that there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to sunscreens. Like types of sunscreens and the SPF marking. what protects from which UV rays etcetera. 

If you are investing in sunscreen, proper research on sunscreen is recommended. 

#5 Myth: Vibrant colorful makeup is not ideal for women of color.

Truth: Well, this holds absolutely no truth in it. From a bright lip to a pop of color on the cheeks, everything looks chic on dusky skin tones. Don't let anything stop you from investing in that hot pink lipstick. 

#6 Myth: Waterproof Mascaras are better

Truth: Yes, only if you cry a lot. Otherwise, no. Waterproof mascaras are drier compared to regular ones. They are also difficult to remove resulting in irritation and fall of lashes. 

I would recommend you pick a regular mascara over a waterproof one any day!

#7 Myth: Red lipsticks aren't for everyone


Truth: There is one for everyone. It's mostly about figuring out your undertone. Yes, a single shade of red might not look good on everyone but if you know which undertone to pick you will have your ideal red. There are blue-reds, there are orange-reds and then there are neutral reds. If you have a cooler undertone then you have to choose from the family of blue-reds and if you are from the warm undertone family then orange-red it is. 

#8 Myth: Pumping mascaras wands can help get more product out

Truth: pumping your wand will only let more air in, resulting in the mascara drying out faster. Pumping air in will also create an ideal ambiance for bacteria to breed inside your mascara tube. Also, mascara is the makeup product that is the reason for most eye irritations. 

so, let's avoid that, shall we?

#9 Myth: Expensive is always better

Truth: You will find good, bad, and ugly in all price ranges. This is where reviews come in. When a product gets mixed reviews it's best to invest in the mini size first, before buying the full size. But yes, every brand makes hit-or-miss products. So there are no good perfect brands but there are perfect products. 

#10 Myth: Skin Absorbs 60% of whatever you put on it

Truth: The fact is far from it. The skin is designed in a way to keep things out. Makeup certainly doesn't get absorbed by the skin at all. Some oils and ingredients do. But no, Skin is not a great absorber of anything, really.

Now, that was it for the myth, let's look at some things all true and pure.

Here are 10 makeup facts for you all.

#1 Fact: Less is more.

Instagram makeup is not suitable for real life. IRL, you cannot wear layers and layers of makeup nor can you own drawers and drawers of makeup, The good news? You don't need to. Yes, you don't need 100 brushes and 7 foundations, you will end up wasting and throwing them away because you are one person. Instead, buy things that you really need and optimize usage. It's worth mentioning that poor blending skill is closely connected with using more products.

#2 Fact: Skincare is more important than makeup

Your skin is your art canvas and a huge deal depends on how smooth and clean the canvas is more the beautiful pigments to show. Secondly, Makeup is temporary while skin is permanent and your largest organ. Makeup is an art and not a temporary solution for your blemishes. Work hard towards maintaining the best version of your skin. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not mean to work hard towards achieving flawless skin. Our body is flawed and flawless is never the goal. The goal is to be healthy and the best version of ourselves. 

Moving on to some fun facts about makeup:

#3 Fact: Things lipsticks were made out of (in the past)

a) In Japan, women wore lipsticks derived from tar and beeswax.

b) In the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia, a princess wore boldly painted lipstick said to be made out of red rocks and white lead contained in cockle shells.

c) Cleopatra was very much into makeup and men and women liked to paint their lips bright red and orange. Cleopatra had her lipstick made from crushed carmine beetles and ants. 

#4 Fact: Mascaras didn't come in tube form as they do now. 

Mascaras in past came in a container that had a black soap bar inside it. It came with a tiny version of the same mascara wands you see today. One had to dip the wand in water and then rub it on the bar to get some product on the wand and apply that on the lashes to get the effect.


#5 Fact:

Estee Lauder had accidentally dropped a bottle of her perfume on the floor of a departmental store resulting in women coming and asking what it was cause it smelled so heavenly, creating a customer base for her. Marketing technique much?


#6 Fact:


Nail Polish was invented in ancient China. Only noble women were allowed to wear it, if any common person was seen wearing nail polish they were executed. Okay, then! 


#7 Fact:


Coal tar was used as eyeliner and mascaras and they had a foul odor. Also, just so you know coal tar is toxic and often blinded people at that time. 

#8 Fact:

Makeup was originally worn by men. Well, yes! But the purpose was not to look good it was said to evoke the gods Horus and Ra. Dramatic eyeliner was worn by men to show their status and wealth.

A person with makeup on

#9 Fact:

Scents, deodorants, bubble baths everything is considered cosmetic. Also, because you wash your hands more than your face and you receive more sunlight on your face than your hands, you should always swatch your makeup products on your face and not your wrist. 

#10 Fact:

The roll-on deodorant's mechanism is inspired by a ballpoint pen. It was first made in 1952.


With that, I come to the very end of this article. Whether you are someone who wears makeup every day or just save your products for special occasions, everyone deserves to be informed by the makeup and the cosmetic world. It is said that Americans spend more on Cosmetic surgeries and makeup than they do on education. Was that another fact tucked in the conclusion? I guess it was. With the digital age taking over, vanity has become everyone's cup of tea. Also, getting ready instantly brightens your mood, no? I hope you enjoyed the facts and learned something today that you will be able to implement in your beauty routine. Your thoughts and views are always welcome in the comment section below.

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When do I apply sunscreen when I do my makeup?
Sunscreens are to be applied before you put on your makeup.

Moisturizer or face oil? Which is better for makeup?
For makeup, moisturizer is always the best choice as the oil in typical face oil will clog your pores.

Is makeup bad for my skin?
Makeup is not bad for your skin unless you keep your makeup on for hours and hours straight. Read the above article to know more about it!

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