Makeup Tips: Check out THESE beauty hacks to conceal your dark circles perfectly

Covering the under-eye is essential for us all because we often end up with dark circles or puffiness because we just couldn't resist the temptation of watching one more episode of that thrilling series last night.
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We all own a concealer that can cover-up those dark circles and under-eye bags. A concealer is a very powerful weapon that we can use against blemishes and dark circles. It can cover them up and hide all the flaws and give us beautiful flawless skin and flawless makeup. But it's not always easy to hide all those flaws. Makeup doesn't always do the job perfectly. Sometimes hiding those under-eye bags and dark circles is tougher than it seems.

We spend hours exploring brands and trying different shades of concealer to find the perfect one to cover our under-eye but it doesn't always solve the problem. Sometimes even with the perfect shade completely covering our dark circles can be very difficult because there's that one odd thing that we're doing wrong that is not allowing the concealer to do its job. But if we really want to look fresh and bright with no dark circles and under-eye bags, our best bet is using some makeup hacks to make our concealer look flawless and hide our flaws.


Here are some concealer hacks to hide dark circles.

1. Your concealer can only do so much. It cannot heal your under-eye and moisturize it. Use an under-eye moisturizing cream and let your skin absorb it before you apply anything else on your under-eye. This helps prep your skin for the makeup.

2. Be careful with the concealer you pick. You may have picked the right shade but you may have made a mistake with the formula. If you have dry skin, using a dry concealer or a concealer stick may not be such a good idea and cream of liquid-based concealer cannot do the job well for oily skin.

3. Sometimes our concealer cannot make up for the undertones of your skin tone. You might be using the wrong undertone. If you have a pinkish undertone go with a concealer with the similar undertone and if you have a yellow undertone pick a deeper yellow undertone concealer.

4. Don't be afraid to use a corrector to correct the undertones of your eyes and dark circles. Go with a red or orange corrector or lipstick to cover your dark circles perfectly.

5. Don't rub the concealer on, simply dab it and be very light with your touch. When you rub it, you actually take it off instead of applying it. Use a brush or a blender to dab it and blend it with your skin.

6. Make a mix of highlighter and concealer for your under-eye when you're dealing with puffy eyes. This creates an illusion that your eyes are brighter the usual and take the attention away from the puffiness. 

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