Makeup Tips: THESE hacks will help you to look flawless on your first date

Going on your first date soon? Then these makeup tips will really help you achieve the perfect look. These makeup hacks will help you do not too much and not less makeup, and will make you look radiant as always.
Makeup Tips: THESE hacks will help you to look flawless on your first date
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The first date is special for all of us. We look forward to the first date more than anything else and want to look our best on the day. Be it wearing a chic dress or carrying a stylish bag, everything needs to be perfect on our first date. But at times, to make things perfect, we tend to go a bit overboard with our makeup and end up looking extra on the day. Sometimes, this can also act as an offset and hence if you are going on a date sometime soon, then we've got you covered with some tips. 


Read below to find out some makeup hacks that'll help you look perfect on your first date. 


Set a proper base:


You have to work on your base correctly. If you fail to achieve a proper base, your whole makeup can go wrong. Use a good primer and right shade foundation for your skin. Before applying makeup, use a good moisturiser to hydrate your skin. And set the makeup by translucent powder. 


Keep it simple:


We don't need to go all out with our makeup and hence we should try and keep our look simple. Because the cakey face of makeup can be a big turn off for guys. So, blend the makeup correctly, match the right shades and tones and keep the makeup chic and neat. Keeping it minimal and simple can help you glow and look radiant. 


Use matt lipstick:


Matt lipstick lasts longer, and you don't need to do touch up everything no and then. Gloss and creamy lipsticks can wipe-off during eating sessions and continuous reapplying may not be possible. Hence, apply coats of your lipstick, place tissue and dust some powder on top. It shall make your lipstick matter and last longer!


Blending is the key:


We can't stress enough on how important blending is. You don't want your neck to look different from face or cheeks patched up and forehead shiny. To avoid this, use the right base and correct blending techniques. Use a damp beauty blender or a foundation brush to blend the product. To remove excess powder, use a damp towel and gently dab your face. It'll help your makeup last longer. 


Define the brows:


Big and well-defined brows add more structure to your face. Define them with brow gel and brush them off gently. Brows may sound clichéd, but they can change the makeup routine in a better way. 


Set your hair:


You can save time by setting your hair a day before. Wash and blow-dry them a night before or tie them into braids to achieve classy beachy waves. Avoid 2-3 days old head like that would be oily and last moment rescue cannot give you a fresher look. Hair is as important as makeup as they give significance to your personality!


Use these tips and you are all set for your big day. 

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