Makeup Tips: THESE lipstick hacks will turn you into a lipstick pro

When it comes to lipsticks, all of us have at least a couple of them. A boring outfit can also look glamorous when we apply our favourite shade. Read below to find how you can become a lipstick pro and apply lipstick like a genius.
Makeup Tips: THESE lipstick hacks will turn you into a lipstick pro
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When it comes to doing makeup, that certainly is an art and not everyone can master the art. Be it applying a wing eyeshadow correctly, or mastering the art of contouring, applying makeup the right away is something that very few people know. When it comes to the application of makeup, another product that impacts your beauty is lipstick. Lipstick if applied perfectly, can make you like you dull to glam within a few minutes. 


When it comes to lipstick, all of us love to mix and match our shades and apply two or three shades together at times. Not only with the colours,  but we also tend to experiment with new brands. And if you are someone who loves to mix and match with the lip shades to make them lighter or darker, then we have something for you. Read below to find out some hacks that can turn you into a lipstick genius. 


Eyeshadow for the matte finish:


Have a cream-based lipstick but want to give it a matte finish and colour? Then how about adding some eyeshadow to it. You can lighten or darken your lipstick by adding a touch of eyeshadow. Using the back of your hand as a palette, mix some lipstick with eyeshadow and you've got a gorgeous matte finish. 


Use highlighter for a metallic finish:


Metallic lipstick can be quite expensive. And if you are looking for a metallic lipstick, then use a highlighter to make one at home. Use a highlighter or some loose pigment and mix it in with your liquid lipstick. You have your very own metallic lipstick. 


Use a lip liner for more colour:


If you want your lipstick colour to pop out more, then use a lip liner. Take a lip liner that's a few shades darker. That'll boost the colour of your lipstick and give you a custom colour to work with. You can adjust the intensity of the lip liner or lipstick depending on what you like.  


Mix shades:


Some lip colours don't compliment our outfit and in such cases consider mixing two shades. If you have a nude shade of lipstick, then consider mixing it with hues of pinks, reds and purples to create a customised pigment. If you're feeling excited, you can even melt a few lipsticks over a metal spoon and store them in small plastic containers to use later. You can also add some of the vaseline jelly and some shimmer to give the lipstick a shiny, creamy consistency. 


So this Diwali use these hacks to get stunning lips. 

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