Makeup tips: THESE tips for Acne-prone skin works wonders

Do you have trouble with makeup because of your acne-prone skin? If yes, then follow these makeup tips to cover up spots and blemishes. These tips will also treat the acne well and will let your skin shine though out the day.
Makeup tips: THESE tips for Acne-prone skin works wondersMakeup tips: THESE tips for Acne-prone skin works wonders
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We all love applying makeup and experimenting with our looks is something that makes us feel more confident and happy. But every skin has its limitations and we do every possible thing to hide those blemishes and spots. However, more problems are faced by people with acne-prone skin. People with acne-prone skin have to be extra careful when it comes to applying makeup. 


If you're prone to acne, then there are chances that your skin is sensitive and the oils in products can clog your pores, just as certain elements can further upset your skin. And hence, we need to pay more attention to our skin and tweak our beauty routines so that we can cover up spots, and also treat them well. These makeup tips for people with acne-prone skin is a blessing in disguise. Follow this and see how your skin changes with time.


Oil-free primer:


Since, you have acne-prone skin, using an oil-free primer is a must for you. It will help to absorb the excess oils on your face and will make your skin feel soft and smooth. It will slide evenly on marks that you may have. 


Acne-fighting foundation:


Every skin type has a special foundation, and people with acne-prone skin, likewise have foundation targeted towards them. Foundations with ingredients such as salicylic acid will not only cover your acne but will work to get rid of them in the long run.




Sometimes you need something more than a foundation to hide those spots and blemishes. Use a nice creamy concealer and bid goodbye to marks and blemishes. 


Setting powder:


Be it any skin type, setting powder is a must to lock that makeup in place. It lets your makeup stay on, while you enjoy a flawless skin. 


Natural blush:


A lot of people are scared to apply blush when dealing with acne because they think it’ll bring out the redness in their skin. However, without a blush, your skin can look dull and flat. Add a natural colour to have a natural flush!


Blotting sheets:


Don't forget to carry some oil blotting sheets in your purse. It'll help you absorb excess oils that accumulate on your face throughout the day.


Do let us know what you think about these tips in the comments section below.

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