Malai for skin: 3 Quick and easy home remedies to whip up with Malai for EVERY skin type

The thick milk cream that forms on top of hot milk is known to do wonders on the skin.

Updated on Jan 20, 2022 06:08 PM IST  |  600.2K
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3 Quick and easy home remedies to whip up with malai for EVERY skin type
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For every Indian, malai or milk cream, that forms on top of hot milk is something they've grown up hating or loving. The thick layer is a popular ingredient in cooking rich foods and desserts as well. But little do we know that malai is also an essential beauty ingredient as it does wonders for the skin and hair.

Since it is saturated with fats, it is an excellent home remedy for dry skin. Here's how you can incorporate the ingredient into your skincare routine and manage different skin issues.


Tanned skin
Even Deepika Padukone swears by this remedy, as mentioned in her recent interview with Marie Claire!
To heal and combat sunburned or tanned skin and get your glow back, apply the malai directly on your skin if you're feeling too lazy.
If you have the time and want to pamper yourself, we suggest you make a paste of it by mixing a dash of besan and haldi and then applying it to your skin for the best results.


As a cleansing mask
Since this ingredient is thick, it helps in unclogging pores and getting rid of accumulated dirt.
Mix one spoon of malai with some lemon juice and massage this mixture on your skin. Once it dries, add some water and scrub it off. You will even witness the dirt coming off your face and works as a natural exfoliator as well!

Combat dry skin
Dry and chapped skin is not only painful to deal with but also doesn't look very appealing. All you need to do is mix one spoon of mali with a spoon of honey and apply this paste to your skin. Both will hydrate, nourish and moisturise your skin.


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