Mistakes we unintentionally make while using a face scrub explains beauty expert Pooja Nagdev

Pooja Nagdev, Aromatherapist, Cosmetologist and Founder of Inatur takes you through how your scrubbing routine can unintentionally damage your skin. Check it out
Mistakes we unintentionally make while using a face scrub explains beauty expert Pooja Nagdev
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All of us like to exfoliate for a beautiful, smooth and glowing skin. Exfoliation or scrubbing is the process that sloughs off the dead skin present on the epidermis. It unclogs the pores and it gives a clearer complexion. If one doesn’t scrub face for a long time skin can look dull and it can get pigmentation, blackheads and whiteheads.  Skin exfoliation is a very important part of our regime. One should know how to exfoliate and what products to use. 

While exfoliating, there are common mistakes that we do which can lead to making skin very sensitive, getting cuts and abrasions. Here are the common mistakes to avoid while exfoliation: 

Choosing Natural Exfoliant 

When choosing an exfoliant for face and body, go with natural exfoliators which are derived from plant, seeds or fruits. Soft granules are always recommended for the face. For example, walnut shell powder is a harsh exfoliator and if it is used for face sparingly.  On the other hand, Papaya seed powder, Pomegranate seed powder, Orange peel powder they are very soft powders and very mild and they are recommended for the face. Go for a vegan exfoliant, sulphate free, and paraben-free and derived from natural ingredients. 

Exfoliating Softly 

One should pay attention to the finger movement while exfoliating. The movement must be gentle and light. If the movement of your hands is fast then it can lead to that skin getting hurt, cuts or abrasion. 

Getting according to Skin type 

Knowing your skin type and selecting the right exfoliator is essential. There are certain granules which are not recommended for those with dry skin because that further makes skin dry then there are certain granules which are not recommended for oily skin because it causes sebum production. For oily skin, one should look at a gel-based product and cream or oil-based product for dry and extremely dry skin. The exfoliants that come from a natural source make skin look healthy and radiant. 

Closing pores post Exfoliation 

Another common mistake that we do is not using a good cream or a moisturiser post scrubbing. Exfoliation leads to our skin pores being open and post-exfoliation, it is very essential to apply a good moisturiser or face cream, face oil, sunscreen or serum to close the open pores and to seal the moisture of the skin and keeping it hydrated and supple. 

Taking the right Quantity of Scrub. 

Applying too much product could be intentional as we feel that more is good. When one is applying scrub go with a coin size amount for face and a teaspoon size amount for your body. A little amount of scrub is good for face.

To sum up I will say that even making a few careless mistakes can lead to a dangerous impact on our skin. To have more is always not right. It is doing it right not too frequently, choosing the right product for your skin, in the right frequency and post scrubbing always closing the pores using a toner post followed with good massage cream or sunblock is very essential to have a good radiant smiling complexion.

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