Monsoon haircare: 4 haircare mistakes to stop IMMEDIATELY & what you can do instead

Updated on Sep 16, 2021 03:34 AM IST  |  33.9K
Monsoon haircare: 4 haircare mistakes to stop IMMEDIATELY & what you can do instead

The downpour can have a truly devastating effect on one's hair. With the rains lashing down almost every day and high levels of humidity, the monsoon season is truly a testing time on the hair. It loses its lustre, breaks easily due to the dampness, an oily scalp becomes regular and the list goes on. Little do we realise that it is not only the rain that's affecting our locks in the rainy season but also our actions.

Since the weather is already so bad, we need to take matters into our hands and nourish condition and ensure our hair remains clean for it to remain healthy. And who better, than industry experts to tell us what we're doing wrong and help us correct them as well? Read on to find out some of the biggest mistakes you're making with your hair this monsoon.

One of the biggest mistakes is leaving your hair open for too long, according to Sareena Acharya. "It leads to increased hair fall. During monsoons, some of the recommended hairstyles are a ponytail, a neat top or low bun as they help in preventing tangles and frizz," says the Artistic Head at Enrich.

While we're always in awe of the dance numbers Bollywood has been giving us, another big no-no is getting wet in the rain, according to experts! "Rainwater is extremely acidic in nature and laden with environmental impurities. It can make the hair's texture brittle, frizzy and rough by stripping off the natural moisture from the scalp and strands," opines Dr Taruna Yadav senior Ayurveda Doctor. While going out in the rain is certainly one of the highlights of monsoons, one should take precautions before doing so, the expert at Forest Essentials shares.

When your hair is already going through so much, thanks to the change in weather, another distressful factor to the locks is heat-laden styling tools. "Your scalp is at its vulnerable best during the monsoon. Avoid exposing it to heat-styling products," opines Smita Baishakhia, a cosmetologist. When you do have to subject your hair to the heat, "Make sure you apply a heat-resistant product enriched with vitamins and nutrients," she adds.

Another big no-no that the experts collectively agree on, is skipping out on conditioner during these incredibly humid months. Frizziness in hair is a part of the monsoon and to help combat it, "Apply a few drops of hair serum or cream on the mid-lengths of the hair," Baishakhia opines. "Masking your hair will ensure it receives and retains the nutrients it requires," Yadav adds.

As for an easy at-home remedy to boost hair health and lustre, the professions swear by regular oiling! "Head massages are known to enhance blood circulation which helps the scalp absorb nutrients from the oil," and in turn makes it softer and more manageable, Yadav opines. And before stepping out, don't forget to carry an umbrella or scarf to keep your hair dry and protect it from the direct impact of the rainwater, Acharya suggests.

Have you been making any of these mistakes? How have you been managing your hair in the monsoons? Comment below and let us know.

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