Monsoon skincare: 5 lazy girl's steps to follow for the best skin in monsoon

Sure the rains are wonderful to look at and great weather to be part of. But the humidity can make skin look dull and expose one to bacterial and fungal infections. 
Screenshot of Shraddha Kapoor with glowing skin while shooting a rain sequence Screenshot of Shraddha Kapoor with glowing skin while shooting a rain sequence
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The monsoon is upon us. This means loads of pakodas, hot chai, books to curl up and read, all while it pours outside. With this comfort and lounging also comes loads of skin issues that come with the excess humidity. With the onset of monsoon, skin begins to look dull and loses its radiant charm because of excess humidity. There could also be a rise in fungal and bacterial infections in the skin that lead to skin issues and damage the skin. 

But maintaining the skin during this period is not as tough as it seems. Read on to know the 5 lazy-girl steps to follow for the best skin in this rainy season. 


Nothing is as important as cleansing the face. If you think getting wet in the rain is enough to do the job, think again. It is important to cleanse your face at least twice everyday, especially once before sleeping, to get rid of the dirt and grime. 

If you have gotten drenched in the rain, it is important to cleanse your face immediately and drying it well. 


To balance out the pH level of your skin, work that toner in well. The toner will additionally help in closing up the pores and add to the glow in the skin. 


Just because the air has excess humidity, doesn't mean you skip out on this important step. Not moisturising can make your skin look dull and flat. It is best to use a non-greasy moisturise after you wash your face to boost moisture in your skin. 


Just because you can't see the sun shining doesn't mean the UV rays won't penetrate into your skin and harm them. Even during the monsoon, it is essential to use unblock with SPF over 30 to ensure your skin stays in good shape. 

Mask up

Make sure you don't over do it, but remember to slather on a hydrating face mask once every week to pamper your skin. Use a sheet mask for a more hassle-free way or if you have the luxury of time, whip up a face mask from your kitchen and apply it all over your face and neck. Once you wash off, you will feel refreshed and your skin will glow!

And there you have it, these essential but simple remedies will ensure you have glowing skin all through the monsoon. Let us know how you manage your skin during this tricky weather in the comments below!

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