Monsoon skincare: Common mistakes you make in the rainy season that RUIN your skin according to experts

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Monsoon skincare: Common mistakes you make in the rainy season that RUIN your skin according to experts
Monsoon skincare: Common mistakes you make in the rainy season that RUIN your skin according to experts

Monsoons are known for their high level of humidity which in turn has the skin fluctuating between oily and dry spells. If you're wondering why your skin suddenly has rough patches, looks dull is part dry and part oily, makeup looks patchy and so many more issues, you can partially blame it on the weather. While skincare changes from summer to winter, we forget to take into consideration, one of the major seasonal and weather changes that definitely impacts our skin.

While the rains are a great respite against the scorching heat, the rise in humidity levels gives rise to new skincare issues. Here are a few common things we do during the monsoons that could be causing the skin to act up, according to experts from the field.


On those days when you get drenched, "Not washing your face immediately," after coming in contact with rainwater is an absolute no-no opines Dr Madhuri Agarwal, Founder and medical director of Yavana Aesthetics. Rainwater contains harmful toxins and gases that "Can lead to major skin damage if not washed immediately. It can also lead to allergies and infections," she adds with caution. Another common mistake is skipping moisturiser according to the expert. "In monsoon, the skin tends to become oily and occluded with dead skin. Hence people avoid applying moisturiser in this season," she says before giving a simple explanation. "Oil does not equate to hydration. In fact, excess oiliness is often the skin`s natural response to compensate for dry skin." What does Agarwal suggest one do? "Use a lightweight moisturiser appropriate for your skin type before applying the sunscreen and at bedtime. You can choose a gel formulation moisturiser to hydrate without the greasy feel," she explains.


When it comes to makeup, Bollywood's favourite makeup artist and Tara Sutaria's go-to person, Shraddha Inder Mehta suggests we stop using cream foundations. "They will eventually bleed," as the skin only secretes more oil and makes it difficult for the makeup to stay in place causing a major faux-pass. The solution? Powder-based foundations! Speaking of makeup, Shraddha believes it is also best to steer clear of gloss as it can get messy and hard to clean up. But if you're not into matte, a hack she swears by is to "Apply a balm 15 minutes before applying your lip shade." This way, your lips are sure to stay hydrated and plump while also having a touch of gloss on them!


While the rains tend to mess with makeup, a quick makeup fix that involves layering products mindlessly is a huge no-no for Mr Samir Modi, Founder of Colorbar Cosmetics who believes it could lead to skin purging! "Never layer on makeup in the monsoon without washing the first layer out. This will prevent any purging of the skin caused due to excessive layering," he suggests. Another common thing that most people opt for, is a hot shower after getting drenched. As rejuvenating as they feel, "Bathing in hot water can make your skin dry and dehydrate it completely and strip it off its natural oils. The solution to this would be bathing in lukewarm water," adds Modi.


For those who can't do without makeup, going with regular makeup products isn't ideal during monsoons. The most obvious bet, according to Priya Sureka, Creative makeup expert at Enrich, is to switch to waterproof products for "No more smudging and smearing."
When it comes to the skin, cleansing is key for the makeup artist. "Exfoliate twice a week to keep acne at bay. Hydration is a must so drink plenty of water as well," she suggests on how to get through this season, hassle-free!

While following your cleansing, toning and moisturising routine even during this season is a must, "Refrain from alcohol-based toners as they lead to dryness of skin. Instead, choose pure floral water-based toners to hydrate, tone and balance the pH of the skin," opines Dr Tarun, Senior Ayurveda Expert at Forest Essentials. Additionally, the expert suggests using a gel-based moisturiser during this season. "Heavy formulas combined with humidity feel uncomfortable and tend to clog your skin. Even if sunrays are not visible in the monsoon, they affect your skin. Therefore, it is extremely important to wear sunscreen during the monsoon season," he asserts.

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