#MotivationMonday: 3 celeb approved workout hairstyles for the post gym glow selfies

1 year ago  |  1.4M
#MotivationMonday: 3 celeb approved workout hairstyles for the post gym glow selfies

Studies show that if you wear your workout clothes in the morning and do a hairstyle, you will eventually be motivated to work out at some point in the day. Okay, maybe we said that second part. But the thing about workout clothes is definitely true. If you put them on, you will automatically be reminded that at some point you need to work out. At least for the people who actually work out in yoga pants and not sit and watch Netflix in them (like me). But the point is if you pick an outfit and feel better about working out if you look good, then the same courtesy should be extended to your hair.

Also, if you have a pre and post-workout haircare routine, (if you don’t follow ours), then the hairstyle becomes all the more important. So here are 3 simple options that will help when you workout.

High top knot

A bun is just the first hairstyle that we can recommend while working out. A high ponytail does do the trick, but it will still stick to your face and hair if you’re at a kickboxing or dance class. It just takes all the hair away from your face and neck. To do this hairstyle, just flip your hair upside down and brush the roots. Gather all the hair into a high ponytail as high as you want the bun to be. Then twist the hair around itself and wrap it around the ponytail until it forms a bun and secure it with a silk scrunchie. When you take your hair down after the session, you will have some soft waves. You can just primp up your roots with some dry shampoo and you’re good. 

Pigtails or bubble braid

You may not have time to do a dutch braid but this bubble pigtail hairstyle doesn’t take any time at all! Start with parting your hair down the middle and tie off one side so it doesn’t mix with the other. Then tie a normal pigtail as you would at the base of your hair. The after an inch and a half tie another rubber band and go on until you reach your ends. Do this on the other side and you’re done. Use the thin elastics, so you can just cut them off after your workout instead of pulling them out. 

French braid

Nothing can beat a french braid for a workout. It keeps all the hair in place and out of your face and the tighter the braid, the nicer the waves when you let your hair down. There are a lot of videos where you can learn how to do a french braid but the basic idea is to do a regular braid starting on the top of your hair with 3 small strands and adding a little more hair to the outer section which is supposed to become a middle section. Do this until the nape and then a regular braid. Always do a tight braid because as you work out the braid will loosen itself. 

Let us know your favourite work out hairstyles in the comments section.