Nail Care Tips: THESE tips can help you grow your nails quicker

Growing out nails can be a really long process if you don't do it right and no one wants to wait for months to follow their favourite nail trend which is why we need tips to accelerate nail growth; Read on
Nail Care Tips: THESE tips can help you grow your nails quicker
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Nail trends are the best because they add so much fun and colour to your good old hands but in order to follow nail trends, we need good nails. Good nails are not very easy to come by because most of us have bad habits that can make them weak and brittle and lead to chipped or broken nails. Growing your long nails is not easy because they take forever to grow and when you have to watch that nail which took so long to grow just break like that, it can also break your heart. But that's also when your nail trends go for a toss because, no nails! Growing out your nails seems like a huge task or rather a burden if you adore nail trends but we have some simple tips that can help you grow them out like a pro without much trouble but this also means that you need to take extra care of your nails.

Here are some tips to help your nails grow faster.

1. Many of us think that trimming our nails will make them grow faster but that may not be the right way to go instead just file your nails and let them be. Don't mess with them too much.

2. Keep your cuticles healthy. Cuticles play a major role in the way your nails grow and behave. Keep your cuticles nourished and moisturised with a good cuticle oil.

3. Nail hardeners are a common concept for people who have a tough time growing their nails out but the fact is that they do more harm than good and that's probably why your nails break or don't grow faster. Skip the nail hardener.

4. We keep our skin moisturised but we forget to do the same for our hands but we wash our hands far too often and this means that need a lot more moisturising than the rest of our skin. Massage some moisturiser on your hands and nails as often as you can.

5. Sometimes when our nail polish chips we begin to chip the rest of it off but chances are that you're peeling out the top layer of your nails along with the polish which in turn is weakening your nails.

6. Many of us tend to skip the base coat when we apply nail paint but that's where you're making a mistake. A good base can prevent your nail from becoming weak and helps it stay healthy and grow faster.

7. Exfoliate your nails. Yes, just like our skin, our nails too need a nail buffer or exfoliator. This helps them stay strong and healthy which helps you grow them out much faster. 

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