Navratri 2019: Check out these tips to keep your skin healthy during Garba season

Garba season makes it difficult to care for your skin because of all the festivities, but it is very essential to do little things to care for your skin no matter what.
Navratri 2019: Check out these tips to keep your skin healthy during Garba season
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Navratri kicks off the festive season every year. It is a festival of pomp and splendour. It's full of colours and music and festivities. Garba and dandiya are an important part of this festival and all of us dress up and put on makeup and dance our hearts out. This is when things take a toll on our skin. We often forget to take care of our skin in a time like this. We need a glowing skin during the festivities but when we fail to care for our skin, it has a negative impact on our skin. In the middle of the exciting dance and festivities, we forget the sweat and makeup and all the pollution and even the food that we're eating may impact our skin. This is why it is crucial to have a fixed skincare routine for your skin during Navratri and care for our skin the best that we can.


Here are some tips to care for your skin this Navratri season.

1. Sleep is very crucial. Navratri is the time when we need all our energy for prayers and dancing and lack of sleep can make things worse. Every person needs adequate sleep, not just for your physical health but also for your mental health and skincare.

2. Try to keep your makeup to the minimal. You will sweat while you dance and the heat will either make you makeup melt or it may make it look cakey.

3. Don't miss out on your skincare routine. Tone your skin and cleanse it as often as you can. Carry a small bottle of toner and some cotton pads in case you need it while you're dancing.

4. Don't forget to remove your makeup. If you're thinking that along with the sweat the makeup has melted away and you chose not to use a makeup remover.

5. Use a face mask and scrub. Don't skip out on it. Find some time to care for your skin no matter what.

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