Navratri 2019: Here's how you can take care of your feet during the Garba season

Sore and cracked feet are a part and parcel of Garba but it doesn't have to be. Don't simply ignore the needs of your feet, take care of them to ensure that this nine day-long festival doesn't end too soon for you due to aching feet.
Navratri 2019: Here's how you can take care of your feet during the Garba season
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Navratri is a nine-day long festival that includes a lot of dancing. Everyday festivities include Garba that people do with a lot of love and enjoy. While we all sway in our heavy outfits and dance our hearts out, we often suffer sore and sometimes even cracked feet due to all the mad dancing. Our feet should not be ignored. We definitely need to do something to relieve our feet from all that pain. It is essential that we don't let the festivities take a toll on our feet because that may hamper the rest of the festivities. Taking care of your feet is very easy.

Here are some tips to take care of your feet during Navratri.

1. If you wear heels to work, now would be a good time to stop doing that. When you wear uncomfortable footwear throughout the day, your feet will be sore even before the sunsets! Wear comfortable footwear that provides your feet with adequate support.

2. If you have long toenails it would be a good idea to chop them. Toenails often get stuck here and there and break and you don't need mini disaster with all that bloodshed when your nail breaks.

3. After you come home from Garba the first thing you need to do is clean your feet. Wash them thoroughly with mild soap and get rid of all the dirt, especially if you dance barefoot. Leaving them dirty may not be such a good idea no matter how tired you are.

4. Being in the dirt and all the dancing causes your feet to dry up. The first thing you need to do is moisturize it. If your feet are not well moisturized the skin there will crack.

5. Straining your feet may cause calluses. They are not painful or harmful at all but they can be irritating. It may make you want to rip out rough skin around there. Avoid doing so. It's better to let them be as long as they're not painful. If they turn painful it would be a good idea to see a doctor about them.

6. You can avoid soreness of your feet by preparing and strengthening them before Navratri starts but now that you haven't you may want to do something to manage the soreness. Soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt or soak it in icy cold water. Put some ice cubes and let them turn the water icy before you soak your feet.

7. When you sleep, keep a pillow under your feet. This helps improve the blood circulation and helps relax your feet and reduces the swelling and soreness. 

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