Need a quick fix for date night? Up your Valentine’s Game with these quick expert approved skincare treats

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Need a quick fix for date night? Up your Valentine’s Game with these quick expert approved skincare treats

Skincare doesn’t mean that you have to bloat your budget for temporary fixes at the salon or experiment with harsh chemicals on your skin. Doing so leaves something missing in your skin anyway. So, to be your best self, here are some great, quick, and easy DIY tips that can help you elevate your Valentine’s game this year:

1. A good nap for a better mood and glowing skin:
Have your beauty sleep, drink a lot of water, and eat loads of superfoods. Also, exfoliate your skin to cleanse those clogged pores.

2. Don't forget your lips
Lips need extra love and care! These days, they mostly remain behind the masks and can easily get left out. They make all the difference nevertheless. Lip butter is the perfect option to make them soft, plump, and healthy.

3. What is your body asking for?
Nourishment is an aspect that we often miss out on during moisturizing. A pack containing honey mixed with oats would be a powerful combination to nourish your body. This can be followed by organic body butter/lotions to lock in the moisture for silky smooth skin.

4. Save your hands from dryness with hand cream:
Using gloves for handcare treatment is a beauty hack that always works. You can also massage your hands with almond oil and wear gloves for a few hours. However, the best time to do so would be at night.

5. Get rid of tiredness and puffiness around your eyes:
Your beautiful eyes need the utmost care. Cucumber turns out to be your best friend in this case. It helps in providing instant soothing treatment to your eyes. Cold cucumber treatment is the perfect solution in this case. Just apply the cucumber juice extracted from grated cucumber, put it into a paper towel, and compress it over your eyes. It will work like magic!

6. Make a date with face masks or sheet masks:
You must definitely look for ingredients like Superfoods, Honey, Vitamin C extracts, and Apple Seed in both face masks and face sheets. Superfoods will give your skin the love and care it deserves. Plus, you will catch more eyes with your glowing skin and will feel that love is truly in the air, or your skin to be more precise!

There you have it: Six simple steps to get your skin to look its best this Valentine’s day. What are you waiting for? Start using them already.

About the author: Ms. Dolly Kumar, Cosmetic Engineer and Founder & Director at Cosmic Nutracos Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the parent company to  Skinella.

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