THIS new beauty treatment literally sets your butt on FIRE

We all know that beauty is pain, but now this pain has reached a whole new high. People out here are setting their butts on fire. Check it out
beauty,Beauty,Viral,treatmentTHIS new beauty treatment literally sets your butt on FIRE
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Beauty is pain and we are all aware of that fact. But the point here is how far can we go to look beautiful? Beauty procedures and plastic surgeries have become immensely popular. Celebrities and influencers are now swearing by these procedures making it a natural thing. Breast implants, laser procedures, facelifts and liposuction have been done for a long while now and it is slowly becoming common than ever. While these procedures have been tested for safety, there are a few of them which are merely done for the heck of it.


Do you remember how the internet went berserk on the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’? For people who were living under the rock, the entire challenge was to get fuller lips by sucking on a bottle cap or shot glass.


Now that we are over that fad, we now have a new beauty treatment doing rounds on Instagram. It literally sets your ass on fire!


Very similar to cupping, the video was posted by The Shade Borough, where a woman is seen lying face down with her buttocks exposed. In just a few seconds, a beautician enters with a ceramic pot that had burning flames inside. Soon, the ceramic pot was attached to the lady’s butt and within a few seconds, it was removed. 


In a matter of seconds, the lady’s butt doubled in size! While there has been no verification regarding the procedure, we are unaware of the fact as to why are people experimenting with fire. 


While the procedure seems to work, one commenter wrote, “How long will it last for? This looks like it's gonna deflate in 2 days.” Another one added, “Honestly just love what you've been given, this doesn't even look safe.”


What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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