Is a non-toxic regime the key to a healthy skin? Here are the expert tips to count on

Naina Ruhail gives us the whole ball of wax on what's it like to swear by a fuss-free and non-toxic regime for the love of your skin. Read on!

Updated on May 11, 2022 02:05 PM IST  |  148.7K
Is a non-toxic regime the key to a healthy skin? Here are the expert tips to count on
Is a non-toxic regime the key to a healthy skin? Here are the expert tips to count on
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The Co-founder of Vanity Wagon, Naina Ruhail lets us in on a non-toxic regime which she calls it to be the ultimate elixir to a flawless skin. Here's are some note-worthy tips jotted down by her to look for before finding your favourite skincare products. 

It is not a secret that most of us love to indulge in beauty routines every day. We use a variety of skincare products to keep our skin radiant and healthy. Whether we are aware of it or not, human skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it which may include harmful chemicals like sulphates, phthalates, and silicones that are commonly used to devise beauty products. Flashy packaging, pop aesthetics, and endorsements of opulent boxes of creams and lotions with long-lasting aromas don’t really guarantee that a product is safe or transparent.

Viral beauty trends, celebrity endorsements, and lack of information has led the masses to opt for toxic beauty products thus making them compromise on their skin health many times. We often tend to choose short-term radiance over long-term benefits. The anxiousness to fix dull or acne-ridden skin quickly has resulted in so many of us facing several skin-related issues like sensitivity being the most common one.

Beauty experts are raising alarms over the use of toxins and ingredients in makeup and other cosmetic products that are linked to serious health problems such as cancer, hormonal imbalances, and neural disorders. 

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Clean beauty on the other hand, is picking up as a movement and encouraging consumers to make conscious choices. It is not hard to cut down on beauty-related toxins; just follow these steps for an ethical beauty choice to protect your skin and environment.

1) Research for your vanity

Clean up your toxic cosmetic diet by reading and searching for safer alternatives in cosmetics. The consumer should be cautious of skin irritations and dermatological issues, as these can be caused by synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Don’t rush in filling your cart, rather spend time reading labels carefully at a mart or on your phone and pick up products with safe ingredients and bonafide certifications. 

2) Going back to roots

Plant-based products have powerful ingredients that are proving effective on sensitive skin. Cut back on skincare products that promise instant results with harder-working ingredients. Green cosmetics pamper and maintain your skin well while lowering the risk of exposure to pollutants and allergens.

3) Your smart list

Identify how many products you need genuinely. It is not wise to stock up your greenroom with countless makeup glitz, ladened with choking chemicals. A good skincare routine needs a sorted and minimal choice list. It is also not advisable to layer your skin because you are worried about the product's expiration. There are many beautiful oil blends out there, a single product can be the answer to several of your skincare woes.

Non-toxic skin care formulations include everything that is sans a red flag ingredient. These ingredients are not hormone disruptors, carcinogens, or allergens. Your reasons for seeking a simpler approach to skincare is a step towards a worthwhile change — it reduces the potential irritation that can result from a more complex skin-care routine. Get ready to cut toxins and make careful choices for products that are made with safe and clean ingredients.


What does your skincare routine look like? Let us know in the comments below. 

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