Nostril hair extensions are the latest Instagram beauty trend and honestly, NO THANKS!

The latest bizarre Instagram beauty trend is nostril extensions
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From contouring to non-touring, the beat world is dynamic in nature, in addition to that Instagram beauty blogger have changed the face of beauty trends completely. Almost every day there are new trends going viral from furry nails, glitter under the eye, multi masking to now wiggle eyebrows and the newest one to join the bandwagon is nostril hair extensions. 

For years and years, the word made fun of Lalu Prasad Yadav for not trimming his ear and nostril hair, but guess what people he is a foreseer, who predicted this viral beauty trend years ago. 

The nostril hair extension trend is a prodigy of the creative and twisted mind of  @Gret_chen_chen. They seem to be eyelashes stuck at the brim of your nostrils. Of course, this went viral inspired others to try this bizarre trend. Here is a look at some people who dared to try this trend. 


I'm ready to move onto 2018 — please and thank you. What is your take on this trend? Comment below and let us know


Weren't those ridiculous wiggly eyebrows enough?

It's a joke people. Click bait.

I think some of these folks have way too much time on their hands!



The f did i just see!??

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